There is no stealth in stage 2 and playing monster kinda sucks now


I loved evolve for one and one reason only playing as the monster but in stage 2 playing as the monster is pointless a good team will always find you at level 1 and shred the fuck out of you’re monster and after that its nearly impossible to get from the hunter because of the size of the maps are so small and keep using the planetary scanner which gives away you’re location. hiding and sneaking around is pointless because we have auto dome if the monster is in range of the dome they will dome you no matter how stealthy you are trying to play.
I guess this games built with hunters in mind, because my favorite monster wraith has been nerfed to death she is pretty useless now i don’t even pick her no more because my play style with her stealth which is completely gone from this game.


Stealth isn’t gone from this game my friend! However, stealth plays out insanely different in stage two. Before going any further, I want to let you know that I have juked past many hunter squads using this tactic to get to stage 2 without being domed.

Im going to use weather control as my example. Start of going down the left path towards the caves and two blitzlepard spawns. Eat while you run, they will scan you when you are in the cave. While the scanner is scanning, keep going further into the cave towards the beach. Once the scan has completed, immediately start sneaking back towards spawn. Its an absolute nasty juke and not that hard to pull off. At the end of the juke, Hunters will be at beach and You will be back at spawn with 3/4 to a full evolve meter.

On the topic of wraith, yea she is sorta weak right now. However, they have some wraith refactors coming up (says the trello board) so hopefully this sneaky beast will make a resurgence as the stealthy, bursty mama-jama she is!


Stealth is still possible just really really needs smell range bonuses to sneak round hunters at a distance.
They need LOS to dome you so if they can’t e you they can’t dome, meaty with hunger, speed, smell can have a good chance in orbital drill or the caves in weather control.
Or there is just full DR and brawlerise them from dome one.
These work for me and I get a lot of downs, downs added energy and I stage up with that and short feed breaks between domes.


i dont think they need line of slight to dome.

Cabot can reveal you through walls and dome you, trapper can planet scan and see u through walls and dome u too.

i got domed in a cave while they were directly above me cause planet scanner, no one had line of slight except wall hack.


Not gone, but nerfed. It’s not stealth anymore though, it’s jukeing. There is no such thing as sneaking to start a match anymore. No hiding in bushes for absurd amounts of time so the hunters look somewhere else, no leading footprints in one direction then going another. Stealth exists, but it’s far less rewarding and the fundamentals of this mechanic are unrecognizeable from its original design.


Infra vision it ultra vision allow seeing through walls at close range.
I play monster and Hunter I’ve only been given the dome option when seen but I agree about pure stealth being gone.