There is no punish purposefully holding the dome till stage 2


There is no punish to holding the dome to stage 2 and just fight the monster with no armor. It’s getting really difficult to win against my team… maybe I’m just bad, but this feels very wrong. If I am able to avoid my team and get an evolve off I should be rewarded, not punished for evolving and then being domed to get my hp rekt. Right now Wardoom is getting really good at not giving me loops so avoiding dmg is rough.

Imo I think if I finish evolving I should be rewarded a set amount of armor - maybe even like 2-3 bars after evolving? Having something to feel rewarded after evolving would feel right imo. I think most teams are going to purposefully hold the dome till stage 2 cause there’s no punish to holding the dome till stage 2. What does everyone else feel like? I’d like @WiBaKi in here and @b1nge in here to see their opinions. Right now I’m getting rekt for avoiding my team and evolving :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s a stupid idea, if you get caught evolving you get punished thats what happens, want some armor while evolving go armor regen


I think you should just get full armor and try to force a dome at stage 1, I have faced some teams that try to hold the dome and if they do that I’ll just keep leaving and coming back until they throw it. Or is it that you cannot get significant damage at stage 1 so they never even throw the dome to trap you in?


problem with armor regen is you don’t regen until after combat. So If I want armor then I have to avoid dmg which is pretty hard vs good players.


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The problem with that is some players purposefully won’t dome till stage 2.


Maybe that is a problem, considering you will not get any downs on a good team at stage 1, perhaps movement speed could help.


Movement speed can help in certain situations. But any good player who is really good at jet packing can dome you 100% of the time after you’re done evolving. So It’s rather rough, good players these days are really fast.


Its true.We use that.Don’t dome at stage 1 and then guarantee stage 2 dome with no armor.

Actually depending on the map also.


What do you think of this? Do you think it’s right to be able to hold the dome without being punished in some way? I would like peoples input.


well, I guess you really only have one option then, and that’s to take the dome, personally I think the stealth system needs a revamp because once hunters find you they are on you and then you have to worry about RNG birds on top of that.


That would be an interesting way of going about it. I don’t know how you would change that but if you could stealth effectively that would fix some issues I think. Right now it’s better to run like a bitch than stealth :stuck_out_tongue:


Not sure about how to fix that.It is happening but i really can’t think of a way to be dealt with(except stealth which is kinda undoable this days)


The aim seems to be, hopefully, to make that stage 1 fight a little bit more likely, and thus open up the freedom to evolve a bit more safely.


Do you think giving each monster an equivalent of a wraiths full armor bar is heading in the right direction a little? Would make wraith a much more viable monster too for sure… but idk maybe that’s a terrible idea :P. What if the monster had a buff after evolving that lasted 1 minute giving like a set amount of dmg reduction? I have no clue xD.


My main issue with playing monster right now is that you can stealth and most likely get birds before you are even half full, or you can cut your time in half and just go loud with the hunters behind you the entire time. Though I heard that the devs are talking about maybe making the monster faster after combat for some escape power,


@MacMan @SlabOMeat I’m curious to what you think of this issue. Currently in the competitive scene this seems like an issue for monsters.


But in the same time hunter tactics like cloack-surprise-attack are getting punished.

Let’s say we are near you but decide to stay all cloacked 20m away so you think we are far to Evolve.

With that my strat is being punished since i won’t do full damage.

Also we have to keep in mind that each monster is different.Yes i know all the spots Cyril will evolve in every map like your teams know yours.But we don’t know yours.

That’s also a thing.


I would suggest figuring out ways to create large amounts of distance. You could perhaps designate a spot to evolve at and run to that location as fast as you can in the straightest path you can reasonably take to that location. You should be able to evolve safely if the evolve location is far enough away and the trapper is behind you, rather than between you and the location.


It’s perfectly fair its literally the teams choice if they don’t want to dome stage 1 it’s just a strategy, unfair who knows, many monster strategies that are unfair those get fixed then maybe this should