There is a traitor among us


Hyde is trying to destroy the ship before we can even fight the monster.

Explanation: This is a rare bug where the glitched player, Hyde in this case, is stuck at a black screen but can hear noise when they switch to and use their equipment.

Dropship music?

A bug you say? I think it’s just Hyde being Hyde. :wink:


The drum sound :< I wanna have it, makes it feel so much more epic


I knew this guy was strange :grin:

Yeah how to get the drum sound ? I dont have it on PC.


I have no idea. You’re welcome.


Is that in every game?


I think it only happens every now and then. Honestly I didn’t even notice it until @Recrewt and @darksuN pointed it out.


I’ve seen this happen since the big alpha.


Hyde’s just pissed at Val, that’s all :slight_smile:


Video feed conveniently cuts at “grenade out”


Everyone conveniently jumps out of the ship.