There is a rumor going around that there will be a spider monster (source of rumor inside)


This is a rumor ive heard… I was playing evolve with 3 other hunters I did not know. They were talking about how they heard that a monster that looked like a giant spider was spotted close by…

As they said that I stopped and looked around… thinking that a spider could be watching us from the trees… we then killed the goliath and I departed from the other hunters…

Now this is just a rumor guys… dont shoot the messenger


They will prob move this topic to an existing 1.


This is not about the 5th monster…


Dont shoot the messenger x3


i really want a spider monster…


Okay who revealed the 5th monster? It was supposed to be a secret.


It’s more something people want. But I doubt the rumor has any validity.


Those hunters sounded like they seen something…


Thought they couldn’t make the 1 people want because they said they wont do anymore monsters with a.i. moves. Which means no spider baby attack like people want.


I just think it would be amazing to crawl on the ceiling


People can say anything they want to. :wink:


That ain’t gonna happen.


Play natural selection.