There are no people playing evolve in xbox one?


Hi I’ve been trying to play online in my xbox one for about 1 week and I do not find any games. Also every time I enter the multiplayer screen there is a notification of an update that does not exist, I search everywhere and I find nothing of such updating. There are still people playing evolve in xbox one?


I haven’t played matchmaking on XBone in a long time, but there is still a community of people who regularly play custom games. Hardly anyone matchmakes to the best of my knowledge, but people do friend each other and then invite them to private lobbies.

I’ll leave a link to the Facebook page for the Xbox One Evolve Group. Once you’re in just say that you’d like to play some games and hopefully you’ll get some responses. Best of luck!


Are you doing Ranked or Quick Play?
Ranked is a dead zone, I’ve been able to find some people in Quick Play but usually not a full games worth. You should join the Evolve Community club, people seem to still be playing and looking for people in there.


Just join the evolve official club on Xbox and there’s a great community to find games within. It’s not dead from my experience and there’s plenty of high level monsters playing. My xb gamertag is DievSkReii


If you message me I might be able to play with you, I’m often free but not usually on Evolve.


Are you searching for hunter or monster? I play most days on Xbox and can tell you that there’s definitely a community playing both on Ranked and on Custom game modes. I play mainly in the private games, but there are usually a few hunter ‘pre-mades’ that are around silver Expert and above. If you can put a team together, there’s always monsters online in my experience.

If you’re struggling, the times that seem to be most busy are from 19.00 GMT (14.00 UTC) and onwards into the evening US.

As has been said before, definitely check out the Evolve Official Club on Xbox or the facebook group that @The_Little_Jay suggested (I’m a mod there and do most of the posting haha). Something not yet suggested would be to go onto Twitch and see who is streaming on Xbox. That will give you an indication of if there are teams online, and they may allow you to jump in for a few games. Add them all and start building up your network.

You’re welcome to add me and I’ll try to get you into some custom games, although fair warning: Whilst most of the guys playing are very warm, some people are SUPER competitive, so it may be a little stressful.

My Gamertag is: I Pirie I (that’s an ‘i’ before and after my name).

I’ve not seen this before, so I can’t help you there I’m afraid!