There are draws in Evolve


I just watched one on twitch wow didn’t know it could happen.


It was an arena match, yes?


I don’t think so


Me, @niaccurshi, @MrTalha and @Quirkly had one in our Determining Rank games.


That’s the only mode that should have a draw. All other modes are objective based.

Edit: I’m dumb. Both hunters and monster died at the same time?


The only mode that can’t end in a draw afaik is Defend.


Yeah both died at the same time.


You can have a draw in Hunt as well as Arena.

I’ve gotten a draw in my first match ever as Kraken. Should’ve tried him in solo. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was expecting a bunch of foul language, and was mildly disappointed. This is blasphemy.


That was me being nice cuz it was my first time really playing with Nia, you should hear me and TW play League. :3


I’ve only gotten 1 draw ever.
And I was the hunter that killed the Goliath as he burned me.


I got a draw in hunt once. A kraken on low health was getting shot at about 10m distance with markov AR. Health was at about 1/8 bar when Kraken through a snowball. Snowball hit the shieldless markov at the same exact time the AR finished the last hp


Yup. I had a draw in hunt a few months back. All of us were downed and daisy was still alive and she was trying to juke the Goliath. We were shooting him with our pistols and killed the monster as he let loose a rock throw that killed daisy, ending the game in a draw.

I even gained a point lol


My first draw was on Armory as Behemoth. I had downed everyone but Hank and I had less than a bar of health. I used fissure as he dropped an orbital, and the first bomb wiped the last of my health just as the fissure incapped him.


I was in a game with @RaggityMan where we got a draw. Torvald finishing a Goliath with a shotgun to the face, but died by fire DOT. So epic!


Yeah that was freaking cool. I had a recording but didn’t think to save it. It was before I knew that Xbox clips are automatically deleted unless you save them ;-; it was such a good clip.


In fairness- She was playing lennox, not hyde?


I think me and you got a draw in arena when I was my cute bob :stuck_out_tongue:


Shouldn’t matter. She’s know for her potty mouth and her lightning dick. If more than one of those are missing, something is terribly wrong.


I’ve only had 3 draws in my evolve history. One as a monster and two as a hunter. My most epic tie was against a kraken that had downed or killed everyone but the assault. I happened to have the kraken in my line of sight right before he killed my assault and I got a lot of headshots with my pistol to finish him off. I know everyone on my team was freaking out but I’m sure that kraken was pissed.