Theory: Why the Monsters want the Patterson Tech


Continuing the discussion from Kala Dialogue Thread:

This has been addressed before, but not quite as specific as I’m about to get. If you haven’t read the Kala Dialogue Thread (mostly post 214, good job @white_hawke8) or watched @LoneWolfHBS’s video here, there’s some juicy stuff in there. Now, let’s establish some important info:

The monsters’ genetic makeup is related to the Patterson phenomena, and suggests they’re artificial

The monsters hate each other, are in great pain, and don’t seem to comprehend eating

Since Kala made herself Super-Kala, she’s been known to say things she doesn’t intend to say and she chants in her sleep

The monsters are 200% mad, and they want the energy created by P-tech and nothing more; not the ship, not the structure, and not the humans

When Kala is downed, her monster side takes over, and she speaks from the monsters’ perspective; saying that they will get rid of the “false vacuum” to make a “true vacuum”, and they believe they’re setting the universe right

Destroying a monster doesn’t kill it

The monsters are from another dimension, and came here via the “eggs”, which aren’t really eggs

In doing what they do, the monsters are killing themselves

Mammoth birds aren’t actually the demonic spawn of Krakens, but they’re still assholes

The monsters are smart enough to understand what human technology does, and know something of human society

The monsters are designs to instill fear in the human subconscience

So what the flying fuck does half of this bullshit even mean? Well, for starters, the monsters don’t want to be here. They don’t want to do anything in this universe, and their biology isn’t suited for their minds or even for this universe. They don’t even know how to eat; or at least have some fucking table manners. This suggests that someone else is pulling the strings, and that food isn’t actually a necessity for survival. Think about it–you don’t actually have to eat anything to avoid starving to death in-game, you just get biomass to use as armor or to evolve (even though you could just grab a Mega Stone, but whatever). Combine this with the fact that they’re artificial and that they’re in great pain, and what then? They’re weapons. Slaves. They exist because someone wants to rustle some jimmies; and they’re a sapient species, which may be used by their masters so that they can comprehend elaborate orders. Why, though? Why go through the trouble of bringing some slaves from another dimension do stop some cosmic phenomena?

One could argue that the “false vacuum” is a danger to the universe. The hive mind(s) that speak through Kala say they’re setting the universe right, and they may have tried to contact humanity in the past. But the corporations fuck it up because the P-phenomena are making them rich. That’s what they’ve been hiding all this time; that’s why there was a monster on the Ajax to begin with. The corps are trying to save face because they don’t want people to know what they’re doing and what they could cause. Since humans didn’t listen to reason, the hive mind(s) are forced to save the universe by military means; that’s why the monsters “come from our nightmares.” They’re supposed to scare us to keep us out of the way so they don’t have to cause unneeded casualties; each monster is based on something humans fear by instinct. Goliath has fire, Kraken has lightning, Wraith has jumpscares, Lava Sonic has natural disasters, and Gorgon has–


But there’s a problem here. First, what kind of benevolent organization employs slave labor? They clearly have the technology for interdimensional travel; why can’t they make some robots that they can manually drive? If they care so much about life in the universe, why wouldn’t they care about life in others?

Let’s look at the “false vacuum” shpeal again. The hive mind(s) believe they’re setting the universe straight; and they want to get rid of a “false vacuum” to make way for a true one. Why?

Because they’re a cult. The “vacuum” is their god; they see the “false vacuum” as the work of infidels. They don’t want to kill the humans because, hey, potential converts. History has shown that huge groups with military power and which revolve around organized religion will do anything to spread their holy word. Look at the Crusades, the actions of the KKK during American reconstruction–all over religion. Now, I’m not trying to bash religion; I’m just saying that sometimes, shit goes down when gods are involved.

All this time, Evolve may have been a parable about religious intolerance told from the perspective of the victims of a holy war. Think about it–our heroes don’t really get what’s going on, and they’re just trying to preserve their way of life. They don’t need to get rid of the P-tech for a “true vacuum,” yet that is what is being forced on them. It’s a war over a cause they don’t get and which is doing nothing but harm. That may very well be what’s going on here.

So TL;DR the monsters are a bunch of furries in unused suits for Godzilla movies who are just engaging in roleplay.

…Or I’m just terrible at coming up with theories and should never be entrusted with coming up with shit. You decide.

UPDATE: I think the squidman may be on to something as well. He describes in detail what the “false vacuum” BS and whatnot might actually mean. His theory is that the hive minds want to “eliminate the anomalies” by making the universe eat everything for whatever reason.


my theory is they want the Patterson tech to charge up there spaghetti machine


There’s… a lot that can be said about this.

I agree with some of it, and others I don’t. I really don’t think Monsters are controlled by a Hive Mind. Heck, I think everything remotely intelligent enough to know to go after Patterson Tech should have a mind of its own. And I doubt the Monsters have a God of some sort… I agree with Caira’s theory that the reason the Monsters are there is a biological defense system for the planet.

… The only reason I doubt that theory is because of the Monster’s evolution and the adaption to the Hunters.


maybe it makes them smarter :confused:


Maybe it does. Griffin does talk about them getting smarter all the time.


I don’t think the biological defense system holds any ground,seeing as how through Kala it is confirmed that the monster’s aren’t from this plane of existence and they are more or less going to destroy the planet itself, as well as any other planet in their path.


I’m not saying they have a hive mind, but that they’re being controlled by one or more hive minds. The monsters aren’t what worships the vacuum; it’s the hive mind(s). And it’s been confirmed that they’re not from Shear, so it’s highly unlikely that they’re there to defend it; especially since they don’t want to be there.


Bumping because I want reassurance that I’m not an idiot.


Well I had a much different theory than what you had in mind @SirKeksalot here.


Huh. That’s also a possibility. The question is, though, why the hell would the hive minds want that?


Well creating a giant amoeba to absorb the entire universe would destroy all matter and create the perfect vacuum that they desired.


Why create the vacuum to begin with, though? Unless it’s part of their religion; in which case, we’re both right.


Probably to erase the anomalies that has occurred. Such as warping and stuff.


Warping? Like what Wraith does? Because I don’t think they’d want to make more of the thing they want to destroy.


I think its specifically towards the way man does it, though but I could be wrong.


Ah. Hence the “false vacuum” thing. The crap the monsters use is related to “true vacuums.”


Yep pretty much. Also you saw the example on the way they would use the amoeba right?

like this here

Basically forming a hollow shell after the digestion/absorbtion.


That… is a good point. Like Bucket said, fascinating, however only if true.


Now the following is something that’s coming from someone who has only watched the videos in the tutorials (including cast introduction) and some reading from the forums. Have heard zero conversations (although i’ve read fragments), or have any other experience from ingame.

Clearly my theory has zero weight but I want to express it because why not?

When the ship warped into view in the “hunter introduction video” it seemed to push out “matter” and/or “reality” around it and then it carried on for a bit like a wave would. I read on the forums a theory (sadly can’t remember by whom) that the monsters were reacting poorly to the technology because of the effects on them.

@SirKeksalot brought it up too, that monsters are in pain and are attracted to the technology. To me, someone who basically hasn’t played the game yet and is going by theories and years of sci fi and general animal knowledge, it seems like the monsters (or the one pulling the strings) just wants to make the white noise (the ripples in time thing from P-Tech) go away.

It’s instinct (or in our case Freudian drive). It feels bad, it causes pain, so I want to get rid of it. Feels like the powers that be are not only affected by the Tech but also trying to avoid any damaging effects on reality. They’re basically time/dimension/eco terrorists.

But those are my scuffed 2 cents.


I so scared