Theory: Why the monsters are attacking the humans


Ok, so the recent thread about Kala dialogue had something in it about one of her low health quotes being something about “erasing the abnormality.” Now, I’m fairly sure that we have reason to believe the monsters operate with something similar to a hive mind; though since they have an actual social hierarchy and may fight each other, as Based Matthew has confirmed, I think they could still have individual thoughts. That said, what could Kala’s quote mean?

But rly tho, I think the monsters may have something similar going on. If you don’t know what the fuck this is, it’s a Bohrok. They were minor antagonists in Bionicle, if you remember that. Their goal was to rid the island of Mata Nui of “obstacles”–that is, anything that would interfere with Mata Nui’s (the guy, not the island) awakening. What if the monsters are targeting Patterson tech for a similar reason? As stated in a Lennox/Maggie dialogue, the only worlds the monsters have attacked have had only one thing in common: humans. What if the P-tech is in the way of something they want to do? What if the it interferes with the FTL travel the eggs would seem to use? “Erase the abnormality” could refer to the P-tech. The monsters may not even know what it actually does; but they know it does something, and they’re not taking chances.


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I am pretty sure Matthew said the monsters wouldn’t mess with the humans if humans stayed out of their way.


Yep, they just want to destroy the tech and stop is from spreading. It’s like the universe’s way of stopping it’s own collapse.


You’re what we call a poet.


Humans don’t even know exactly how the Patterson Tech works. Maybe it is doing damage somewhere and the monsters want it gone.


I’m pretty sure the monsters knows something about p tech that humans don’t. Like p tech is disturbing something. That’s why there trying to destroy it.


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My theory: The patterson tech screws with their existence from wherever they are from.


@TheMountainThatRoars link me to that I want to see monster story.



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What if all the monsters are just f@$%ed EbonStar experiments gone horribly wrong, and there ar just trying to get back on humans as a whole, because they still have some coherent thoughts? O~O
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Matthew-senpai confirmed that humans did not make the monsters.

While I’m here, scratch this entire thread. Kala’s lines about the “vacuum” are making me rethink things.


Just to refresh, the Patterson drives are used for FTL, forcefields, antigravs etc?


If that’s the case, there’s a far simpler explanation. FTL travel involves passing through Cherenkov space, the monsters apparent home reality. No doubt this is causing some untold destruction upon their world. Though it is interesting to note that the monsters themselves are essentially living Patterson drives, with their HNA filling in the role of a computer, thus letting them perform their all but supernatural acts.


I do! I loved those as a kid.

Though we already have a thread like this.


Oh bummer then, Ebonstar seems like they play a very small role in the universe for there not to be more behind them.


Shields are rank Rajat i believe.
Patterson is the large generators and FTL.

My theory is that either the monster’s want to just kill everything and the p drives somehow interfere, or they aren’t wanting to kill all life but they will destroy the p drives at any cost.