Theory on Behemoth Weakspot


Behemoth is the latest monster, and has a unique weakspot which is pretty cool. But instead of just having a soft underbelly or a glowing belly, it’s entire stomach has been torn out and it’s guts anre hanging loose. We know the monsters are ‘made’, so why would someone inherently design a monster in this fashion? It got me thinking.

The armor pieces near the stomach seem jagged and shaped as though they would be ‘inter-locking’ with another piece of armor, whereas the rest just rub against each other. now then, what shape fills up this cavity? Think about it, what’s a jagged, rocky object related to monsters that none of the previous monsters have affected?

The eggs. The eggs are made of similar looking stone-flesh, are jagged and seem to have been brought by monsters that were not part of the original invasion force. Maggie says that the stone monsters were on Factor, where monster eggs also appeared, but apparently none of the other monsters.

I believe the Behemoth is a multi-purpose transport unit. Each is housed with an Egg, and is brought by a Wraith’s transportation field to a planet’s atmosphere. Protecting the egg with thick armor, the Behemoth curls up and survives the impact, laying the egg. Alternatively, it has the potential of growing multiple eggs. When the behemoth has released the egg, it has a large gaping hole leftover. It then serves as the heavy weapons of the monster army. Why haven’t we seen behemoths before now? Obviously the developers making the game had to finish it, but in game I reckon that they were busy raising the troops to storm Shear.


Since when do we “know” this? It’s left VERY vague.


The developers have confirmed that the monsters have been ‘created’ and sent out to planets than wind up being dead a few days after the monsters get loose. We don’t know anything past that, although Macman said that it’s not a Pacific Rim kind of deal. Makes me really curious. Check out the Evolution of Evolve videos and some of the older interviews, that’s where it is referenced.


But why wouldn’t they use new Behemoth’s instead of the old ones for combat. Why would anyone want to use a weapon for war if it had the biggest Weakpoint possible.


Think of it like this, you’re not using a weapon for war with a designed weakpoint.

you’re finding additional use for an armored egg-layer. Once they have fulfilled their primary objectiveof securing the egg, why not have them defend the area, or attack nearby settlements, what else are you going to use them for? It doesn’t matter how long they last, because you’re already getting more out of them then you had originally planned.

As for the weakpoint, its not a huge problem against anything but projectile weapons, maybe they weren’t expecting to go up against that? I mean why design the monsters with heads, those are just weakpoints!


As a character class, I think the behemoth is the closest thing we have to a tank. Not an mmorpg hard to kill sense but an actual main battle tank. He is fast in the right terrain (rolling), hard to kill, packs a hello mean punch but still have an exploitable weak point. Armchair theory wise, he is probably aimed at wrecking folks in well fortified places aiming for a fight to the death. lava/fissure force defenders from advantages position, Rockwell to deny enemy escape route and it’s bulk to ensure everything that stays fighting it gets squashed.


Actually it’s not confirmed at all, simply a theory based on very small snippets of dialogue.