Theory of gorgon and adaptations for monsters


So my theory for gorgon is that He/She is a parasite and brings things back from the dead all gross looking. So for the rest of the monsters TRS can make adaptations for each monster looking like zombies and make them look gross with worms and stuff coming out of their backs and stuff and instead of fire and lava it could be acid or vomit or acid i think that would be cool to play as or fight.
PS. instead of the monsters head being a weak spot it could be a worm or something


Uuuhhhhmmm… How about no…

No offense but monsters are monsters. Let’s leave it at that. Lets not add the flood to this game


Have you seen the host it looks worst then the flood


Halo is amazing. Evolve is amazing. Left 4 Dead is amazing.

We don’t need a crossover though, it would ruin the amazing :stuck_out_tongue:

######P.S love the flood mention xD


It’s the same monster just looks different that’s it


I couldn’t agree with you more @10shredder00 haha.

And nah i like the way adaptations are going as they are. MG is cool and I can’t wait to see kraken adaptation!


But it makes sense the thing laz said that he is scared of the monsters learning how to bring things back to life it would make sense if they were ugly and gross and the monsters wouldn’t be able to make them come back perfect like laz does with everything else


Okay… But why would they want to do that? I don’t mean to be offensive but it just seems hokey…


Sounds too much like The Host, which is something that won’t happen soon™