Theory: Monsters and the Patterson Tech

No leader of the monsters.
The entire monster hierarchy is cloudy, but there is no top dog leader.


Then maybe Patterson Tech is interfering with the monsters own agenda?

But also notice how he words that. It could also mean that the monsters are human-created.

Nope, Matthew confirmed they are not created by humans.

So… “Aliens”

Kind of?

Lovecraftian, so… abominations. : D

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Beautiful abominations!

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Matt debunked the possibility of the monsters having an individual leader.

Dreams crushed. <\3 Oh well, it’s still fun to theorize!

Hey, it’s what I’m here for. Besides, that doesn’t rule out some sort of “council of elders”, comprising of one of each monster; he just said there was no ONE leader.

This could be backed up the fact that destroying the generators allow the rifts to appear closer to the transport, as if the generators were not only keeping the Monsters out, but the rifts out too.

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But, if the humans had never come to Shear, neither would have the Patterson tech. Right?

Anyway, I like to think of the Monsters as the M.U.T.O. species in Godzilla (2014).

Monsters = M.U.T.O.
Patterson Tech = Radiation

Nom Nom Nom


Except Matt has confirmed the P-tech isn’t the monsters’ end goal.

Too sick to theorize with you peeps.

These Monsters are thinking: “I gotta eat.” “I gotta hunt.” “I gotta…”.

OH WAIT! They can’t, they don’t have naughty bits LOL :sunglasses:


XD What the hell…

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you gotta link for this friendo? I’m trying to keep up, but I have no memory of him mentioning this.

I agree with the Patterson Tech interference with the rifts that transport minions, but if you say that the Alphas also come from the eggs and you say that Patterson Tech interferes with the eggs,

[quote=“BearStream, post:1, topic:75857”]
Patterson tech (aka the generators/relays) are acting as an unintentional signal scrambler (or something like that) that prevents the minions/monsters coming through.
then how did the first Alpha (Goliath) get there?

I also think that their end game might have something to do with Ebonstar and Nordita, IDK something about them is just too damn fishy to ignore. Like how in the hell did they catch the Wraith, and the monster that took out the Ajax two weeks before the Shear invasion? And how did they know so much about the Wraith that they were able to design a special facility to house a stage 3? (Teir 5 support might shed some light on that I’m guessing.) Their successes at catching monsters and their knowledge of them before their invasion seems to point at them having a major role in the plot.

But seriously, good question. I’ll have to think about that when my brain is properly functioning.