Theory: Monsters and Monster Eggs


Okay so, I’ve been bingeplaying Evolve since last week without knowing any of its story. Yesterday I’ve read some lore, and ever since, my mind has been constantly thinking about theories. Here is my most perfected one.
So, we know the following for sure :
1.The Monsters are not man-made
2. Ajax was secretly transporting one of them without stated REAL reason (correct me if I’m wrong)
3. The Monsters and the Patterson Drive work by the same principles more or less. Basically the Monsters are organic Patterson Drives.
4. The eggs are used by the Monsters to bring Minions into fight, HOWEVER…
5. Once broken those eggs are empty besides from some goo or some sort of weird organic, lifeless thing.
6. The monsters came to Shear only because humans came too, as said by Matthew
7. Maggie saw the Behemoth on Factor, but also a Monster that produced other Monsters.

After thinking upon these facts I have come to the following conclusions, ideas.
1.The monsters were not Man-made, but they were experimented upon, which led to the creation/perfecting the Patterson Tech, but also, to the hatred of the Monsters, and their agressivity towards humans and P.Tech.
2. Maggie saw a Monster creating mondters, so the Eggs are not eggs. They are some kind of portals. Like Kalas, but more powerful. However, they are HNA-bound and can only be activated by the Monsters, through touching (or beating them to Hell with your fists if you are a monster, basically). BUT, thre P.Tech is interferring with them, that is why all the Nest Missions take place after the Generstors/Relays are down.
3. The Monsters are sentient, intelligent beings (as lead to believe from the Kala’s official story), so their behaviour is not instinctive. They do not kill and destroy because they do not understand what it is and how it works.

So basically, T.L/D.R., The Patterson Tech was created through manipulating HNA through experimentation on Monsters -> Monsters want revenge now, so they invade every colony that is inhabited by humans and uses Patterson Tech. They come through teleportation, Minions use “eggs” as portals, Monsters are just… there. (I guess that as triple stage Alpha you develop de ability to FTL travel but doing so, brings you back to vulnerability, aka shieldless stage 1, which would explain the intros to Hunt).

I know this still lacks a lot but I really feel I’m onto something. Let me know what you think.


Kala has stated that the eggs are not actually eggs and as you also stated, they are rather teleports instead. I believe @Takran has written a pretty good theory up on this subject too if you’d like to read that :smiley:


I could see this being the case. The whole egg transporter idea is said by Caira in a convo, and I’m guessing she’s right.


would’ve taken a long time to travel from earth to the reaches of hub without p tech already having been in existence…


Some other things we know, which may or may not poke holes in your theory…

• The monster Maggie saw was the Host. It didn’t actually make full-on monsters, but rather large monster-like bugs. Basically beefed up Spider Traps with wings.
• If the hunter’s were not interfering, they would not kill them. Same goes with any other humans. If they didn’t attack the monsters, the monsters wouldn’t kill them.
• The monster(s) which have been talking through Kala have stated that they believe that they are fixing the universe.
• Also, what TW stated about the eggs being teleporters is correct.


I’ve read the post TW quotes and all I can say is that I’ve been skipping a lot of lore it seems. The fact that Kala had been able to communicate with some of the Monsters is the biggest part I’ve missed, and now my mind is going crazy again.

Also, maybe humans have other, more complicated and expensive ways of FTL without HNA…


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what about the end message after the credits? does everyone discount that information?


The Telegraph? That was for Gorgon I think.


I believe they concluded it all linked upto this


I believe that the Monsters wouldn’t kill the Hunters if not necessary, but I doubt that they think like individuals. I’m betting they’re a Hive mind or something along the outskirts.