Theorising "stalkers" A.K.A t5 monsters traversal

i am here to discuss and see what people come up with but for now my theory is : blazing speed…what i mean by that is that like behemoths roll this movement ability will be a toggle and basically what happens when it is toggled is that the monsters speed is doubled and it can actively climb surfaces without needing to press the corresponding button but at a slightly higher cost . but it has to be a VERY little stamina pool because if it where too much the hunters would never stand a chance . now in the case of how this is useful… i am not too sure…COMMENTS GO!

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######Though I dunno how feasible it would be, considering it’s size. Unless, it’s even smaller than Wraith.


Possibility to climb all days long like a spider&some short and fast jumps like a hopper (he have not the strength to jump as far as goliath) to swap between walls if used correctly. That will give him lot’s of agility in fights, but low speed.


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I assume it’s passive is that it can move around on walls and ceilings freely and it’s traversal is that it can either burrow, or it runs really fast.

######(I hope it just runs really fast)

Thoughts on this @Azmi_Anuar? I mean we are the new moisers of this Monster.

I think the ability of wall jumping from one wall to another like Catwoman is possible for the monster,but we have to take into consideration how annoying for the hunters this ability could be. Despite how cool the idea of spraying the wall is.
Just being faster in general would be a better idea, because judging from Jack and Lennox’s bursty third kit it seems the hunters will have to capitalise if the monster didn’t move enough.

So wall jumping or wall(ceiling) hanging seems to be the idea for me.

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I pretty much had the same exact idea as you, with the fast movement that lets you climb faster without it deactivating. The only other idea I had for it is that maybe you can climb up other types of walls with it, and hang from cave ceilings and stuff.

I think wall climbing and stuff will be it’s passive like it can just naturally run up a wall.

What if it’s traversal is toggleable and it increases it’s movement speed like 20 or 30% but has a large recharge for being able to move so fast.

Imagine seeing the tracks in a cave walking down then climbing up the wall and then you see it’s tracks lead out of the cave. Like it climbed just above you.

Or it can only climb walls and ceilings in sneak mode.

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If it’s toggleable it’s probably more balance for it to only wall crawl at a slower rate.

If TRS loves me they’ll make it a passive. Like something you can just do with or without sneaking, not a traversal, and not holding SHIFT.

With how buggy and annoying movement is with Goliath I’d doubt TRS would allow for anything like that. It’ll cool but super annoying as it takes control from the player away.


Omg I’m stealing that picture

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Everybody’s wrong, here’s my prediction

The monster won’t have any traversal she will just naturally be fast while walking and climbing… sorta like jack she will always be running at top speed

i believe monsters cannot burrow underground. it’s beyond the tech boundaries for TRS. much like the limb-limit of monsters.

Clipping issues I think. And good, I don’t really want to see that :slight_smile:

Im thinking along the same lines as the OP. I imagine it’s going to have a quick running and climbing speed with a limited speed burst for a traversal ability.