Theories About T5 Medic

I have a new theory as to who/what the T5 medic. Many people think it’s an android, a robot, an exoskeleton, but I’ve come with my own idea.
When you look at the T5 medic picture, what do you see coming off of the body? Antennas. What does some of the body look like? A robot. What if this medic is a robot that is remote controlled by someone else? Possibly lacking the ability to fight or is stranded elsewhere, using the robot would be a plausible way to fight.
What do you guys think? Is this a plausible theory or am I an idiot?

I suppose it could be plausible, but isn’t Bucket the only robot we’re allowed to have?

He’s the only AI robot. This would be a human controlling a human shaped drone.
It’s the same as Lennox using her exosuit, just with Lennox not being there but instead on the dropship.

It’s been said by @Matthew that Cabot wasn’t allowed any more robots on his team. And I’m pretty sure that robots won’t be made more than Bucket.

People have, I think, taken some of those things too literally.

When we first went from 4 heroes in Evolve to 12, I told Phil I wanted aliens and robots.

He said “No aliens! You can have one robot!”

And we shipped with one robot. But that conversation happened over 2 years ago. No one in that conversation understood it to mean “there is only one robot in the Evolve universe.” Or “even if we released a thousand hunters, there will only ever be one robot!”

I don’t even think the “No Aliens” rule is a law writ in stone. I think if we put a sufficiently cool alien in front of the powers that be, they’d go for it.


We have a whole playable team of geniuses at this point:

Lennox, Jack, Caira, Sunny

With those four on the drop ship you’d think they could build a new robot on the spot. Just let the monster eat and get stage 1, they could build a 5th hunter in the mean time :open_mouth: !

Heck, wasn’t Torvald also a robotics expert?

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Thank you!
People keep saying “Matthew said 1 robot, that means in 1 robot ever. No excuses.”
That was 1 robot for the full game a long time ago.
Also 5th medic is obviously robotic so there’s that.


More love to the Robots!! I would love to see more Hunters like Slim and Bucket. Well lets see what we get from the new Medic and Support :wink:

Since some people have speculated that T5 is the entire Lennox family, I’ve decided the medic is Arthur’s brain in a total cyborg body, like Krang from TMNT. Ida says at one point that she hopes Arthur is OK. Maybe he was in an accident, and someone found him, almost dead, and transplanted his head and consciousness into a robot. On the dropship, Bucket says something along the lines that he is some kind of being (can’t remember what exactly he says) put into a robot chassy, which made me think of that for the T5 silhouette.