Theories About Aviary


Okay, so we’ve learned a lot of things about the Monsters, especially in here-

-but I found an anomaly or two and I wanted to see if anyone had any ideas or theories.

Okay, so don’t quote me, but I think @Matthew has mentioned that destroying all of the Patterson tech is not the end goal. (Not sure.) Destroying the Pt is… the first step if you will. now on to Aviary.

#Well, what about Aviary?

Firstly, it’s built on a glacier. It was thawed out by a *thermal regulator, pic at the bottom, which allowed batrays to return to their ancient migrational cycles and the thawing **unearthed prehistoric eggs, Phantoms- pic at the bottom, that allowed the scientists and bird enthusiasts to study the literally y prehistoric birds in a suitable habitat from within their ***observatories, pic at the bottom.

#What’s the point of this thread again?

######Let me finish you bastard. ;-;

Posting the asterisk here because they are relevant.

  • Abe and Caira convo where Abe asks Caira what the relay is and what it’s doing there in the open.

Caira says that it’s a thermal regulator, heats the place up, but that it doesn’t have any Pt whatsoever. nor does anything on the glacier. It gets it’s energy from another place. (NEW MAP CONFIRMED! :stuck_out_tongue: )

  • Mags and Val convo where Mags asks something, not exactly sure. Val says that Caira said something about the relay being a thermal regulator. Mags asks when it was made and Val responds, saying 20 years ago.


So in the Caira convo, that makes no sense. As far as we know, Pt is their *motive, (But not end goal?), so why pluck a petal when you can chop off the head of the flower? The petal being the thermal regulator and the head of the flower the origin of the regulator’s power.

And now the Mags-Val convo.

What else did they find when thawing out the glacier and finding the prehistoric phantom eggs? I mean, eggs! They’re pretty fragile and found in a condition to be hatched or take Dna or something. Did they find anything else in Aviary? There’s just no other reason to attack Aviary. They leave humans alive to go for Pt, but there is no Pt…

  • Thermal Regulator

** The demonic creatures from which they seek destru-



*** Observation Bunkers

General Info

So, uhh… Yeah. I’d like to know what everyone thinks and if any of you have a link, image, video, of the convos or anything.

Also, I’m aware that this isn’t their goal, as the Monsters have shown up in Factor and other planets.

Still though, why Aviary? >.>

######With all this talk about Pt and relays, I want to record relay explosions from a Hunter’s Pov where he can see it from a few meters behind and see the whole thing. Any sent from all relays would be appreciated, especially Aviary. You can still send Monster ones though.

Edit: According to this thread, Shear was established in 2329, and since the date in game must be 2379, then the Aviary must have been made in 2359. The more you know.

Edit2: Thank you @Aramet for the convo pics! <3


My guess is that based off evacuation, Phantoms are a monster win effect, so thus if the Thermal Regulator controls temperature the Phantoms will want to migrate if destroyed. By the Phantoms effect in evac, the monsters are basically setting up a defense by releasing the birds. The Phantoms are more aggressive like Dune Beetles, so this slows hunters down and/or help the monster kill them.

Option #2 is that Aviary indirectly pulls power from another place, possibly the Dam but the whole aviary complex would just shut down, not releasing any of the Phantoms.

Option #3 is that the Aviary has some other relationship with another map, added or not, and is thus needed to be destroyed first.


I somewhat understand the “defensive” phantoms, but why attack Aviary though? Was something else unearthed 20 years ago?

Also, phantoms are horrible at defending the Monster. I’ve had one harass me since I was Stage 1. I evolved all the way to Stage 3 and that bugger didn’t leave. He kept scratching me. I managed to leave him alive to the end of the game when I killed the Hunters. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d like to see the direct quotes saying that it isn’t their end goal and that Cara specifically stated there’s no Patterson Tech.

If there was none then there shouldn’t be a generator at all but since there is that means it’s making energy not taking it and using it.

Also, Monsters aim for Patterson Tech, that’s their one goal and they’ll stop at nothing to destroy it. Anything between it and the nearest relay will become dust, human or otherwise.


Shredder, you know I’ll find it. :stuck_out_tongue: Just like the relay in Distillery.

After school of course.


Browsing on the forums during school I see…

######So am I…


It isn’t necessarily PT they want, but what the PT runs on.

If I remember correctly…


They just want the destruction of all PT it seems.


Back, gonna find all the evidence I guess. Le sigh.


Dialogue fresh off the press. :smiley: Just ran a few solo matches to snag these.





Shredder, I’m gonna cheat. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Matthew Is the destruction of Pt the end goal of the Monsters?



But if it has no Pt, why attack it? >.>


The plot thickens…


Eugh, I just want Matthew to spill the space beans. At least about Aviary.

I mean, the Thermal Regulator reaches 40 meters until bedrock. You might find a thing or two…


Like?? :slight_smile:


Like? Uhg, I don’t know. The limits are endless, but only a few things would make sense. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pt in the ground? Ancient structure connected to the relay? Aviary had to be destroyed for some reason. Oh well, I just need Matthew to respond, so. :confused: