Themes for your favorite Hunters?

Always loved putting music to my favorite Monsters, but I know that in Legacy, the ‘Themes for Monsters’ thing was super abundant. Don’t know if this one has been done a million times, though, so whoop-dee-doo here’s another music thread.

Post your themes for your favorite Hunters! I’ll post some for mine :slight_smile:




#Parnell/Paladin Parnell

I…don’t like many Trappers. Probably because I don’t play that much Trapper!

I also really like Cabot, but I couldn’t think of a theme for him. RIP

This is what comes to my mind when I think of:


I’ve linked this before somewhere in the forums, but imma do it again anyway; this song is perfect for Kraken/Elder Kraken:

Ain’t no party like a jellyfish party.







bring me to life


i lol’ed
/10 goofy

I always got that Bob belongs at a party vibe.