Themed season passes


Today I had an idea and I was wondering what the community thought of it. Themed season passes in the future like possibly a middle ages season pass where the hunters are based on some figures from the Middle Ages.

Assault- knight, primary weapon energy sword that would have a short range but had a wide hit zone, secondary- explosive crossbow third- venom, it would allow all the weapons from this assault to deal damage over time to the monster and will leave a trail of acid if it escapes.

Medic- alchemist primary- acid bombs, act like hydes toxic grenades, second- blood lust, hunters will heal the more damage the more damage they do the the monster, third- pertify, a mini cross bow with a long cool down and will randomly prevent the monster from using one of its abilities for a while.

Trapper-a lone wolf type, primary-throwing knives, they will make the monster bleed for a few seconds and will slow slightly, secondary-mud bombs, thrown on the ground and will make the ground difficult to walk on for both monsters and hunters except will not affect jet packs, third- hunting birds, acts similar to hobo except it will fly straight up into the air and if it finds the monster within the radius it will attack it and that will show its location and make it bleed so it will leave tracks if it sneaks.

Support- helpful monster, looks like a troll or an ogre, primary- throw boulders like Goliath except much smaller, secondary- stench, hostile wildlife will run away from the support and the monster will not be able to smell them if they are close enough to the support, third- enraged, the other hunters wI’ll do more damage the closer they are roseate, the third one is a passive.

Monster, dragon 1st- Sulfur breath release a greenish yellow cloud around the monster to obscure vision and deal light damage.
2nd- the ripper, launches spinning tackle that would work similar to goliaths charge mixed with wraiths warp blast
3rd- sonic boom, wings flap towards the hunters knocking them back and dealing damage with a short but wide range
4th- molten armour, the monster is covered in molten rock which will deal damage to any hunter who gets to close and when the lava hardens it will gain armour relative to the amount of damage delt in this time
Traversal- gliding, the monster can glide from a high point without using energy and will be able to flap its wings to fly faster in the direction it wants.

Let me know what you all think of the idea and if you can try to post some of your own, thanks.


That’s actually a pretty good idea. But that’s kind of already happening.

T4 isn’t really like that (only thing is tragic backstory)
But so far in T5 we have scrapyard junkies.


Just tidied the opening post a bit so it’s easier on the eyes to read. ^^


My boyfriend believes the theme in Tier 5 is “Desperation”- they’re doing anything to survive and fight monsters. :stuck_out_tongue:


And EMET has no interest in survival :joy:


Nope but Jack fixed him up and shoved a demon core into him just so that he could fight- Even Hyde says it, they’re hitting the lowest of the low having a VOK Droid on the team. :stuck_out_tongue:



Yes, I am aware of that amazing and inspiring conversation. :smile:


Best. Conversation. EVER.


I think I’m turning in to an EMET fanboy. I can’t decide on EMET or Jack.


The answer is Hyde >:l


No, no thank you.



Anyways, on topic, I’m not sure that I really understand what’s being suggested here? Do you mean like, new characters based on different themes and time periods? Because I’m not sure that that would work so great with the lore in some situations.


I prefer the ones that are replies with meaning instead of just swearing to swear. Like when EMET replies to Emet about the birds. That ones great. :joy:


I haven’t heard that one! What does he say? All I have heard is Emet talking about how pretty they are. Never once heard EMET talking about them.

Also, on par with the response thing, I love what Emet and EMET say when Cabot dies.


Emet: Birds! I wish I could fly.


Dead. Dying. Deceased. I can’t even. :joy:

also, although I don’t agree with the usage of that word, it IS a direct quote from the game, so no one flag plz


I am just saying that there is the possibility for using things based on the past or mythology as a way to reduce the time needed to allow for new characters and doing stuff based on the past or present could do that. Plus I feel that it would allow for time travel and possibly add to the story with monsters attacking earth in the past. Also I just wanted to know what you all thought about the idea and if there were any ideas you all would like to share.


Don’t go with that drone.
I’m all the rage with my fancy accent


The problem is, when you’re from Britain, you get really sick of that accent :joy:


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