Theme Builds for Monsters


Okay so the boredom waiting for Evolve’s release is growing exponentially so I just want to gush about ‘themed’ monster builds I want to use whenever I can.
The first one : “The Screamer” - Kraken
I start off with all 3 points in banshee mines, and increased smell range perk. The idea of this build is to never directly fight with the hunters, but to nearly always be near them. Follow the hunters and as they kill wildlife, I will eat it. Once carrion birds show up they realize “Its following us!” and I dump some banshee mines, and just continue watching and waiting. When it’s time to evolve I find a nice secluded spot and set up mines around entrances to alert me if I get found, and once out of the egg, purposefully set off birds so they come running, only to find banshee mines waiting for them, and I continue to simply stalk and observe. Once ready for stage 3 I lead the hunters well away from the generator, and then double back to its location and pop my evolve. And the big trick is that I STAY at the generator, hidden. Once they show up to post their defenses, I emerge mines screaming, vortexes blasting, and lightning striking right under their noses!
The main weakness of this plan is that it will pretty much only ever work with Griffon on trapper, Abe darts anything the hunters kill, and Maggie has the detestable Daisy who will rat me out.
Whenever I think up a name for a new theme I’ll post it here (or if it gets moved which I understand could happen, in the new spot).


I want a new monster perk. +50% scarier sound effects on my skills :smiley: For instance, Banshee Mines screech more demonically, abduct you can hear this creepy singing warble from the throat of the Wraith as she wisks you away.


Second one : “Bounce House” -Goliath
Starts with all 3 in leap smash and stamina increase perk. No special plans when it comes to feeding, but when it comes to fighting you will jump around and generally just be a pain in the ass to target. On stage 2 I’ll spread out perks to have 1 in each skill, and the battle strategy becomes jump, skill, jump, skill, jump, skill, SMASH JUMP! all over the hunters. It’ll make bad to mediocre medic’s heads spin, but a good medic may be able to counter, Laz may be interesting, but I can always jump on the bodies~
The weakness of this build would be Maggie (as usual) because of her harpoon mines. Markov and toxic nade-happy Hyde may also be a pain too.


Third one : “GET OVER HERE” -Wraith
Starts with 2 in abduct, 1 in warp-blast, and smell range increase perk. Defiantly a difficult build because it relies entirely on getting hits on abduct. This is a highly aggressive Wraith build, but only to get down penalties one at a time. I only ever feed to restore armor, and once it’s full (which is quick cause there’s only 5 bars~) I’ll use smell to get a beat on the hunters, and get in position to get abduct off. If i hit, I follow it up with a warp blast just past the hunter to knock them even further from their team and get myself properly between them and their group so I can get the kill, and then immediately flee as the team catches up. If they managed to poke me I’ll heal up my armor and then get back to stalking for the next abduct. After this builds up evolve meter to stage 2 I go pop it and get abduct maxed, warp-blast at lv2, and decoy at lv1. Same plan here, but after the warp-blast I throw a decoy at the hunter group while the picked hunter is pounced. Once the whole team has 2 penalties on them, I vanish. I go feed, stage up and get warp-blast and decoy maxed. And I still refuse to give them a team fight cause I’m an ass like that, Abduct and pick them off one by one.
The biggest weakness of this build by far will be my ability to actually land long distance abducts, which will probably take me forever to learn to do right. Laz may also be difficult to deal with, since he can cancel out the downed penalties, but once I hit stage 2 that would be much less of a problem cause I can send the decoy after the main group while I suck down the body preventing the res.


Fourth one : “Speed Demon” -Wraith
Starts with 2 in warp-blast, 1 in supernova, and stamina boost perk. Everything is speed with this build. When going after wildlife I go for the biggest ones I can find, using warp-blast to engage and then supernova to grind them down. When it comes to the hunters I’ll try and avoid them in favor of speeding up in stages so i can boost my skills. Stage 2 will bring maxed warp-blast, lv2 supernova, and lv1 decoy. Getting caught at this stage is much more acceptable and I’m less likely to flee as long as I got enough armor before the catch. Once stage 3 warp-blast, decoy, and supernova should be maxed, and getting armor might be an afterthought while I track down the hunters so I can put them through the meat grinder. Warp-blast begins the engage, then I pop supernova and grind down a hunter or two, and once it ends I pop decoy and use dashes to get to an advantageous position to either warp-blast or supernova again.
The main weakness, or at least the main annoyance, to this build will be teams that have either Hyde, Val, or Abe since they all have slows. If all three are present as well as hank, I might even consider abandoning the build cause that amount of slow and burst is horrifying.


Fifth one : “The Gentleman” -Goliath
Starts with 2 in rock throw, 1 in flame breath, and movement speed perk. This is the silliest and dumbest idea I have and it will probably lose the match 99% of the time. I am not allowed to be sneaky, No hiding footprints and no sneak pounces. When the hunters find me I have to bow (tap sneak, stand back up) and then I may engage them 1 at a time. And I can only flee if the hunters start to back off. If I make it to stage 2 I get 2 in leap smash and 1 in charge. Still not allowed to do any underhanded tricks. And I still have to bow before each fight. If some miracle would occur and I get to stage 3, rock smash and leap smash get maxed and charge gets to lv2. For the final confrontation I walk to where they can all see me, and then take a deep bow before leaping in for the last fight, not allowed to flee this one no matter what.
The main weakness of this build is how utterly stupid of an idea it is, but it’ll at least be good for a laugh.


My Build: “The Smash N Burn Method” - Goliath
Start off with 2 in flame and one in leap smash. Grab that Dmg Resistance perk as well. Off the break you throw the hunters off. Then go in another direction. Sneak ALWAYS. Never not be sneaking. Try to avoid all confrontation with the Hunters until Stage 2. If caught, juke around and try to get a down penalty on their medic.
Stage 2. Max out Flame, put a point in Leap, and put a point in charge. At this point I suggest getting your armor up and engage the hunters. Try to ambush them rather than go full on. What I do is I stalk them, and attack the tail of their convoy. This can almost always guarantee a down-penalty before the fight even begins. The CC you get from Charge and Leap Smash should allow you to keep doing DMG while they cannot.
Stage 3. If you don’t win on your Stage 2 fight (Which is what SHOULD happen) or you took too much time and the drop-ship timer dropped below 45s then stage up. Or stage up because a hunter ran away so you can destroy the Generator. Max out Leap Smash and then put the rest of your points in Rock Throw. At this point its self-explanatory. Armor up, grab a perk, and take out the Hunters.


Sixth one : “No Man’s Sky” -Kraken
Starts with all 3 in vortex blast and stamina boost perk. Kraken build all about staying in the air and denying hunters the high ground. I’ll avoid stage 1 fights and having maxed out vortex will definitely help that out. Stage 2 will max out banshee mines which are placed in high up areas and caves to punish hunters that try to take the high ground while chasing me. The final evolution will max out lighting strike, mostly cause its just so strong. However lightning strike will combo well with vortex because vortex can easily make a careless hunter waste their jet-pack fuel opening them up for a hard hitting lightning strike.
The main weakness of this build would be Val and her tranqs, as well as Griffon with his harpoon.


Yeah that’s a nice straight up bruiser build, loved using it in the Alpha.
edit- I usually started it differently, with 2 in leap and 1 in charge, for maximum mobility in the early stages in case I got jumped before I was ready.


That’s my classic Goliath Build. I may use others to mix it up but that’s the one I’ve always used and dominated with. c:


Shock and awe- a kraken build using the two most hated on abilities along with cooldown reduction, damage bonus or damage resistance: aftershock and banschee mines. By setting out all your mines around a corner or on a ledge and luring in hunters then quickly following the mines in with the aftershock to get huge explosive damage and make hunters pick their targets on a whim. After this initial bombardment you would simply fly away and fire at them, ducking more towards cover and forcing them into choke points where you would deploy all mines and drop down again. After staging you would focus on mines and shock, and could plausibly ignore strike and vortex as they split hunters which is the opposite of what your trying to do. Vortex is a bit more useful though as after the initial assualt you can use it to single out and down a hunter if you need to. Focus on getting hunters to bunch up near cliff faces (if they are climbing up to get you) then drop down for more chaos. (Untested, just hypothetical)


Yeah I tried a damage resistance aftershock build in the alpha, i got sunk so fast lol. Cooldown reduction is the single strongest perk for Kraken, since he is the “caster” monster. I didn’t combo it with banshee mines though, that would probably have made it a bit more interesting. Vortex could totally be used for maps that have indoor generators, pushing all the hunters in a nice little corner to aftershock them into oblivion.


Seventh one : “Corner Camper” -Kraken (credit to @slashdotdash for inspiring this idea)
Starts with 1 in vortex, 1 in aftershock, and 1 in banshee mines with the cooldown reduction perk. The main idea is to heard the hunters into the corner of a building or the cross-section of a cliff and the dome wall and then be mean to them. I’ll hurl mines into the corner I plan on using, then I go get the attention of the hunters and move so that they are in between me and the corner of mines, and once I can get a good bunch of them I throw a vortex at them blowing them into the mines while i dash forward to aftershock and poof down penalties. Each stage up will only increase all three of the skills for this build, I never take lightning strike.
The biggest weakness this build may face is Lazarus since he is usually not in with the group (if he’s good) or bucket since he’s often separate from the group as well. Or hunter teams that are just good at keeping their spacing from their allies.


Eighth one : “A Shadow of Myself” -Wraith
Starts with all 3 in decoy and cooldown reduction perk. The point of this build is to never actually attack myself, I’ll send the decoy to do my dirty work for me~. I can spend as much time as I like agroing the hunters, so long as my decoy is the one doing the actual fighting. Stage 2 throws all 3 points at supernova to buff up the decoy. This stage I can be really aggressive at the hunters, well my decoy can. Stage 3 (should the hunters still live after being poked to death by a ghost) gets lv3 warp-blast, but only for its movement mechanics, it just gets used like a flashy extra dash.
The biggest weakness of this build will be the decoy’s AI, since it relies 100% on it for damage. Hyde and Caria maybe be troublesome too since they have fire weapons which may reveal me while cloaked.


First One-Feast Farm-Goliath
Starts with level 2 :fire: and level 1 leap smash.
This helps take down herds of animals by leap smashing on them or next to them and then spray my fire on them. This also helps for suprising hunters with a leap smash, then a fire breath to find cloaked hunters and to have constant damage, and then jump away.
When I stage up I then go Level 2 fire breath, level 3 leap smash, and level 1 Charge.
This allows to again kill multiple wildlife at once and deal damage to the hunters. Leap Smash in, fire breath, charge hunters away from the group, then repeat the cycle until you get a strike or two. The charge also helps get away from the hunters or kill wildlife that is running away.
Level 3 is Level 3 Fire Breath, Level 3 Leap Smash, Level 2 Charge, and Level 1 Rock Throw.
This is a good moveset for killing multiple animals/hunters at once. You can leap smash in, fire breath them all, charge hunters off cliffs or simply away from the group, and then rock throw that hunter or the hunters that are coming towards you.
A simple moveset that I found in the Alpha to help very much in getting lots of meat.