Theme based teams!

If any of you have ever watched Pimpnite then you should know that he is making videos about theme based pokemon teams! So I thought: “Why not make teams like that in Evolve?” Here are my ideas, feel free to come with your own!

Old Squad: The oldest character of each class:
Lazarus, Cabot, Griffin, Lennox

Team Mech: The characters that have the most to do with mechanics.
Emet, Bucket, Abe (He was hired to be the weapons guy), Torvald

The Self: The characters with the highest surviveability.
Lazarus, Kala, Jack, Lennox


Slim, Bucket, Abe, Hyde/Parnell.

Did I do good?

I’d put jack in team mech tbh


Bald squad:

Bucket, Lazarus, wasteland Maggie, blitz markov

The optimists:

Sunny, caira, Jack, Markov


Beam Team!

Val, Hank/Sunny, Electro Griffin/Griffin/Jack, Markov/Blitzy


Female Squad:
Caira/Val - Sunny/Kala - Mags - Lennox.

Beam Team: (damnit @Shunty)
Val - Hank/Sunny - Jack - Markov twins.

The Survivors:
Renegade Abe, Wasteland Maggie, Battle Cabot, and Emet… (for surviving the scrapyard?)


Team OG:
Griffin - Val - Hank - Markov

Or Slim for surviving the war.

I thought the OG support was Cabot?

Quantum Caira, for surviving that Wraith black hole

Renegade Abe, Wasteland Maggie, Battle Cabot, and LAZARUS that guy is still alive (barely) after all the nerfs, if that is not surviving, i don’t know what it is.

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The Cataclysm medic needs to be Slim or Emet (If Lazarus was still alive he would just keep bringing people back)

I went off the ad trailer. It showed Hank, Val, Griff, and Markov.

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What about Papa?

Yes. I think Griff was supposed to be part of Tier 1 while Maggie was supposed to roll with Tier 2.

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Glorious Beard Squad:

Lazarus, Hank, Griffin, Torvald

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So Positive You Could Puke Crew:

Sunny - the obvious leader of this team
EMET - "I can heal my teammates!"
Markov - “To Glory!” (Parnell good second choice in this category)
Jack - his pumped up Jackal alter-ego is normally positive

Negative Nancys:


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