TheGentlemanSquirrel and Mr_Strategio do a podcast!


@MrStrategio (Brill) and I were on a friend’s podcast last week. We talked Turtlerock and Evolve!

On a side note, does anybody else think your own voice is weird the first time you hear it?


I had to do a task for school involved making an own video and recording my voice. It was horrible editing that video, hearing my own voice over and over xD


If you want a more realistic version of what your voice sounds like, put something flat against your head similar to this picture.

It’s pretty accurate on how you sound to others. Pretty cool. (Not in hearing your own voice of course, but in the method in doing so)
That being said, I hate the sound of my voice :stuck_out_tongue:


Well first your comments in the Dota2 thread now hearing what you said about Dota(and yh that late night streams tournaments are killing me inside).I like you.You are my number 1 Dev as of today :stuck_out_tongue:


I always thought my own voice was weird when you first heard it, especially during taped public speech’s or other such things like a play if you were involved in it.

It’s just, odd…


cool, thanks for the heads up. listening now to your weird voices :wink:


Spend some time at an internet radio, where I had to announce things, ect. First time was really awful, but as time went on, I got used to it.

The provider explains it to me as followed:
Everyone but you hears your normal voice. But if you speak, there isn’t just the sound that comes out of your mouth. Your whole head resonates and there are al lot of echoes and you even hear some of your voice before it comes out of your mouth through the Eustachian tube.

If you combine all of that, you get the ‘wrong’ voice you hear all the time.


Woooh! #1 dev!


Ya, I thought I had a much deeper voice. But sadly it’s not as manly as I always thought lol!


According to all my friends I sound like a monotone 37 year old. Don’t really know which is better in that situation.


Boooooo squirrels are lame, racoons are the better critter booooooo squirrels!

Even the lowly rabbit is better then the squirrel!

Also teamspeak Settings>options

Begin Test button. Kinda fun to babble back to yourself in a series of voices.

I’ve been developing a traditional gravely voice since batman and the series of gravel-voiced action heroes that came out later.

“Smoke 'em if ya got 'em”

Don’t really have a criticism other then maybe a more formatted intro would help get into the more interesting bits…maybe have how you explain who you are, as sort of a time limited thing so it gets snappier in getting to the meat.

When you’re talking about skiing and tribes, I started on tribes 2. Went to vengeance.

Skiing is a core concept imo. I never played f2p tribes because I didn’t want them to destroy my baby etc.

How was skiing different from tribes 2?


Agreed, thought I had a more baritone voice only to hear a recording of myself and realised I sound a lot like Jay Barachell. Kinda weak :frowning:


You know I haven’t played tribes in years, so it’s hard for me to answer how it was different. I had fond memories of early Tribes 1 play. I skipped Tribes 2, so I am sure that’s why my experience was more alien when I loaded up Vengeance.

I just don’t think the tribes user base will grow much larger with a core mechanic that is that heavily skilled gapped(It’s part of Dota’s problem and why League has such a huge lead). But then again, maybe that is ok. Core gamers need games more suited to them and more hand holdy and other games like the BF series fill the Tribes bill now (get a vehicle, grab some buddies, attack a base).

Btw, the Tribes skiing thing was on my mind because a friend of mine was wondering why Tribes wasn’t popular.


My god i love this guy.TRS give him a raise please.


I don’t think its as high skill capped as you’re getting on about.

Maybe routes as a concept could get more streamlined for people but… thats just more of a teaching mechanism problem imo.

I always thought that high speed+long distance projectiles was more a problem for the average bear.

I mean Counter Strike’s (a popular game) pretty high skill based too, but its more around a core shooting mechanic. Headshots and recoil patterns.

Tribes to me was always just a movement focused game, and then they bogged it down a bit by having some seriously tricky guns.

I think people need to get exposed to projectile weapons in an environment without the speed, so that they can get comfortable with em…really let that ooze into em as a skill.

Liked the TF2 weapons for doing that.

I heard tell just randomly that the GA guys did some screwy market stuff with the guns, and didn’t really have a handle on that, when they did Ascend.

I don’t think DOTA2 is really a great example, because I think design decisions they’ve made are just based on repeating older decisions that may or may not be as well thought out as say…league of legend’s.

Also tribes has capture the flag, and that sorta requires defense and defense…thats kind of a tricky concept to deal with because of the standing start vrs already moving cappers…

Also with mobility as cool as it is in those games effective defense is tricky to get ‘feeling’ right.


Listening to it right now! :smile:


Groovy pod cast! As for the voice thing - it sounds totally fine to me. I think people have a natural aversion to hearing their own voice recorded back to them. When I hear my voice back through a speaker, I think I sound like squidward, but others who listened have told me that I sound more like a slightly less smooth voiced “in a world” movie trailer guy. I’m sure it’s something psychological.


Maybe, I guess time will tell. If we see a huge flock of people going to that style of gameplay, then I’ll eat my hat. Again, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it should be changed. It’s just in my opinion the major thing keeping Tribes from getting big.

I definitely disagree that they aren’t thought out. They’re just geared to more Hardcore players and create a much larger skill gap than the variants in League. That doesn’t make them good for the mass market though, so we see Dota’s user base being significantly smaller. I obviously think Dota is the tits, but it’s not for everyone.

Sure, but I don’t think thats the only reason it’s such unforgiving experience. I mean, almost every FPS ever has Headshots and recoil patterns as a popular mechanic. You die super quick, when you die you have to wait, if you don’t do well, you don’t make money and you lose your gear if you die. CS is popular, but it’s nowhere near as halo. Which definitely did a good job at rounding off all those sharp FPS edges.


The thing is I think DOTA2 is actually a far more difficult game for people to get into compared to tribes. (or counterstrike)

I think DOTA2 has some seriously unintuitive shop menu stuff, stats, and how those stats transfer into in game performance of your heros.

I think then adding onto that, that heros are fairly hard to use, and master compared to say…skiing in tribes or using projectile weapons.

Those systems movement, momentum, are natural progressions based on reality, and condense into more practical to approach problems, then say…understanding how a stat formula and how the stat scaling works for a hero, and then figuring out how that hero works and how to correctly execute abilities in game…how hero synergies work or the concepts of last hitting, its just a mess imo.

I just don’t see them as being even comparable. In terms of how easy it is to approach them.

I’m also not saying thats the only factor. Tribes failed for a collection of reasons. Not just because it had some high skill cap.

Tribes has a history of games that came before it and a system that developers have worked on. FPS is a system of design philosophies that has been honed down. Tribes simply adds onto that, and that system has progressively been taught to gamers who’ve learned it’s quirks…and smoothed out the unpleasant ones through time, and the market.

Tribes to me is simply a different way shooters can branch out, but mobility as a design area hasn’t gotten the focus in the fps genre. So its not done well. Quirks left un-quirked.

MOBA doesn’t have the same advantages and I think people point to dota as a great game, a great moba when I simply see a bad early iteration of a concept that 10 years from now I will probably be impressed with.

DOTA2 has steam and steams promotion of esports and its working with a lot of supporting systems (tournaments, turning to spectators and how interesting it is to watch instead of the experience of playing it) to keep it relevant, but I don’t think its a great game.

Its a decent game with a great supporting infrastructure.

To me tribes is trying to branch design from first person shooting, into a mobility area, and that’s taken up by racing and teaching FPS players mobility hasn’t kept up with the death of the twitch shooter Unreal.

Arcade shooters were the mechanism to teach players to enjoy mobility and high mobility systems and I think that some problems there sorta came out, and the games stopped progressing.

Unreal and Tribes turned towards base defense games and vehicle systems were added and I think it clouded a lot of the focus from what could be honed games.

But I’m just a yokel so who knows I could be wrong.

I don’t know if Tribes 1 had vehicles but tribes 2 did, but I always felt off about it.


I hope you mean its not a great game because you think Mobas are not great games right?With that i can agree with you in the point that MOBA’s are not for you.But if you play Mobas and you think that Dota is not great while Smite/Lol or any other is you are wrong my friend.The moba genre exists because of dota and since dota2 it has the best balance compared to ANY other Moba game plus having the best graphics a Moba can have right now.