TheEvolveGroup(Xbox Players Go Here! 150+ Members!)


This is an attempt to replicate a Steam Community on Xbox Live. To join, friend

GT: TheEvolveGroup

It is recommended you add your preferred role to your bio for easy inviting.

I’ve always been frustrated that I have to search through the forums or make a topic in order to find people(even harder for new Evolve players), so here’s the solution.

All xbox players interested in finding hunters or monster to play with should friend TheEvolveGroup on Xbox Live. The more players we get, the better the system will work.

TheEvolveGroup is a Microsoft account I created specifically for finding other Xbox Evolve players, that is all. You will not receive any notifications from TheEvolveGroup, however, others viewing the list will most likely invite you to play Evolve, as intended.

Instead of searching through the forums, all anyone would need to do is look at TheEvolveGroup 's friend list, and thanks to Microsoft, you will be able to know who is online and offline at any exact moment, a fortune we cannot do on these forums.

So yeah, it’s basically a steam community on xbox(with a cap of 1000 players of course, but at least you don’t need an invite). Friend away!(you’ll be followed back!) :monkey_face:

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Pinning this! Great idea Chrono :smiley:


0-0 wawww
Good idea’r


It should be possible on PSN too…


I’m on right now. Friending…


I see you just added me. Hope to play soon!


actually, I need someone right now if you’re interested


I’ll friend it when I’m next on. I do play on Xbox occasionally.




Lol. I got the Xbone copy Christmas 2015, they were selling harcopies at my local EB for REALLY cheap. Like, below five dollars. So I was like lol whynawt.


Sure! I don’t have a mic though :confused:


I don’t remember the last time I played with Australians! Be sure to add me: SL3ND3R i am


If your assault or trapper that’s fine, anything else requires back and forth…


I need to do this…


Alright. Invite me!

My mic is broken but I’m going to get a new on asap.


Nice idea! Added


There is a group system on PlayStation as well, can someone make an Evolve group on there as I don’t have my PlayStation4 till about the 11th or so.


There already is. :wink:


I wish you could make “communities” on X1. Until then, this should do.


This is the perfect solution to not having ‘communities’. It does the same thing basically. Good thinking, it’s a stroke of genius.

I’ll TheEvolveGroup when I’m on next.