Evolve PC Beta Tournament


Hello everyone :smile:

For those who don’t know me from The DGL’s Evolve Monday giveaways, my name is Link and I play for Veritas. I played in the Small Alpha, the Big Alpha, some conventions and soon the Beta!

The Digital Gaming League will be hosting a tournament on January 18 at 1200 EST for the PC Beta. There is 5 queue confirmed so we can start hosting tournaments now! We have an article explaining the details as well as a forum thread discussing what people would like for a single day experimental tournament. This tournament does not reflect the final formatting for The DGL. We just want to start collecting data now rather than later! And, what better way to do that than a single day tournament (that way if the format sucks you’ll never have to deal with it again!) :wink:

Sign ups are currently open - check out [THIS ARTICLE][1] for more information on how to sign up, etc.

If you guys are looking for teams you can post here or post in our forums. I will be posting this on reddit as well. We chose sunday so people could find people they like and form a team with them. Sign Ups will close Saturday at 11:59 PM EST January 17th so I can start setting up the brackets that night.

We will of course be having our Evolve Community teamspeak open to teams who need it (free channel admin and private servers) as well as anyone who wishes to find people to play with. We’ve done this for the past 2 alphas:


A team for the Beta! Evolve Beta tournament

Looking forward to seeing how this turns out so we get things setup for release :slight_smile:


Appears I didn’t see it was only the 16th and 17th, changed it all!


I’ve got a group who would prob be interested in this but we only have 4, could it be possible to bring the requirement down to that or is 5 set in stone for you guys?

Also one thing we were all talking about last night was how are games going to be set up in competitive matches? For example is a best of 3 on one map rotating sides? I know a lot of it we just don’t know yet but still I am just curious since it still says you guys are figuring all that out in the match info section.


Nothing is set in stone yet so have no fear :smile:


I’m pretty sure the PC is from the 16th-19th. The XBone is the 15th-19th with Evac on the XBone only starting the 17th.


It says 16-17th here - XB1 Open Beta (15th Jan) //// PC/PS4 Technical Test (16th/17th Jan) to


PC Players: Starting January 16th, we’ll be holding a smaller closed technical test on PC. If you were invited to the Big Alpha on PC, you will have access to these closed technical tests as well. And if you already own Left 4 Dead or BioShock Infinite in your Steam library you can participate in the closed technical test, which is limited in scope and will not include Evacuation or have Hunter and Monster unlocks carry over to Evolve’s launch.

It just shows that the PC starts the 16th, PS4 on the 17th but still runs to Sunday.


awesome, I could have sworn I saw that as well but then looked back at it I freaked out a bit haha, sorry worn out from skiing all day :wink:


Hopefully it was good powder :slight_smile:


Will matches be uploaded on YouTube?


Oh boy, this is going to be mildly exciting.


I don’t see why they wouldn’t, although it’s not a requirement to stream/record.


I know I will be now that I can actually stream/record with my i7 and GTX 970, pretty hyped to start the Evolve hype train over Beta weekend.


das it mayne


Welp, looks like i need a team for this then. Anyone need a monster/all round hunter?


there’s no spectator in the BETA but it is planned so we can’t shoutcast the games, any matches uploaded would have to come from the individuals POV… I’m hoping we could get some people to record and then I could edit the clips together to make something decent :smile:


I suppose I’ll post it here, too, then:

I’m a monster player looking for a team.


Hi guys, hi @L1NK, @MaddCow

So some questions before signing up:


Aaaaand as an EU player, I’m screwed.

Ah well, can’t have everything. Let’s just hope that this won’t be an issue after launch.