Evolve Beta tournament


Ok everyone. The time has come. We have finished deliberations and this is where we are at. The same rules will be listed on I will post the rules here and in several other locations and threads. If you have questions, please let us know and I will answer them as promptly as possible.

We will be hosting an EXPERIMENTAL tournament for the Evolve Beta on Jan 18th at 1200 EST for the PC. Please discuss what you would like to see in terms of formatting in this thread -> CLICK ME! Registration is currently open so please sign up now!

Further rules will be updated here on this article so stay tuned!
Here is the community teamspeak! -

TRS developers do idle in there during the Alpha/Beta events and sometimes play with random people in teamspeak as well as gather feedback. If you need a team channel please let us know! We will hook you up with channel admin and public/private channels for free :slight_smile:

Sign ups are currently open for the tournament! Please follow this guide (CLICK ME) to set up a team! Please note that there is a limit of 32 teams, so please register as soon as possible.

Please use the forums to look for a team. Anyone who finds a team please remove your thread/edit it so that I will know who HAS NOT found a team. Come match day anyone who does not have a team will be considered as a free agent and eligible to play on another team who has not found enough.

The deadline for registering for the tournament is Saturday, January 17th at 11:59 PM EST

Game Mode: Hunt

Match Format:
Teams will begin by playing 8 rounds, alternating between rounds of Hunters and Monster, and then the top 8 teams will move onto a 3 round tournament.

The total teams will be split i to two groups, monsters and hunters. Every match the teams will switch to the opposite side that they played in the previous match (hunters or monster).

Teams will only play their opponent once during the first part of the tournament.

After 8 rounds are played, the top 8 teams will be placed into a seeded tournament after a short break. The first round will be single elimination with the lower seed picking side. The second round will be Bo3, lowest seed picks side. The third round will be Bo3, lowest seed picks side.

If this is confusing to you don’t worry! Here is an example:

We will be setting up each match as soon as we get the results to ensure that winning teams play against other winning teams.

The following is the schedule we will be using for the first 8 matches. The first round of the top 8 team 3-round tournament will begin at 1630 EST. We will then enter the semifinals at 1700 EST and begin our Bo3 ending around 1800 EST. The finals will take place around 1800 EST and end around 1900 EST.

For a team to be considered eligible for competitive play, certain conditions must be met:

A team must have at least 4 eligible players on its roster to participate in competitive play
All players must have their Steam page URL on their player profile and/or linked on their team roster page. Check out this example
Your team will not be put on the match schedule if these conditions are not met
No vac banned players are allowed (no appeals either)
IMPORTANT: All teams MUST take a screenshot of the end result of their match and post it on the website here.

First round of the tournament will take place promptly at 1200 EST on January 18th. Brackets will be posted Saturday night. Please friend each team’s captain in order to expedite match joining before the tournament starts.

Match Communications:

It is the responsibility of the teams to communicate with one another (using the steam profiles on the team’s page). Should a problem arise AND you cannot solve it on your own please contact an admin. If a team is unresponsive and your team has contacted an admin then a forfeit win will, most likely, be awarded to your team.

Score Reporting/Post Match Procedures
Team captains are responsible for reporting their team’s score in a match. You must also upload a screenshot of the final score to your match page.

To report scores after a match is played, mouse over the Games menu and then under Team Moderator, click your team. Look for the Matchday link above the team tab and click it. Select “Match Details” and you may now report your team’s score and upload screenshots.

Forfeits and No-shows
If you are involved in a situation where your team is eligible and shows up to play on the scheduled date and the opposing team fails to do so, then this would be considered a forfeit or a no-show. In the event of this occurrence, simply report your situation to the match disputes section of the Evolve forums. Please try and be descriptive of your issue.

Teams on the non-fault side of the forfeit will be awarded a win

A situation is declared a forfeit in the event of a team

Not showing up to play on the scheduled date/time
For other reasons such as ineligibility and misconduct.

Ringers and Substitutions
If a team is met with the situation of having less than 4 eligible players from their roster available to play in a given match, there are options. First, a team must have at least 4 eligible players on THEIR roster in game to play. A team may call upon a ringer, or substitution to play. This ringer MUST be a registered and eligible DGL player. The opposing team MUST approve the use of the ringer as well.

Sportsmanship and Etiquette
Unsportsmanlike conduct will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances. This includes taunting, insulting, flaming, or any negative comments over voice and text chat. Team Captains are the only ones allowed to communicate with the opposing team during an official DGL match. If you and your team are the victim of unsportsmanlike conduct, please report it to our Evolve Match Disputes thread and include any evidence you may have gathered (screenshots, voice clips, etc). Failure to heed this rule may result in point deductions, forfeit of victory, and/or team suspension depending on severity.

The DGL has a zero tolerance hacking policy. If caught hacking, you will be banned from competitive play indefinitely. This includes glitch abuse as well.

I would also like to mention hot-keying and macros. This is illegal. Any automatic keybind or macro that artificially alters the fire rate (such as a fire macro that turns the m16 into an automatic rifle), aiming down sights at a predetermined coordinates, or other unnatural actions are illegal.

VAC Ban Policy:

The DGL has a very strict VAC ban policy. No VAC Banned players will be allowed to compete in Evolve events. No appeals for VAC Bans will be accepted. We apologize but this is one of the few measures we have to fend of cheaters. We also understand that a 5 or 10 year old VAC Ban may not represent who you currently are but we still do not accept appeals.

If you have any more questions feel free to post in our forums here! We will be diligently monitoring them to make sure all questions are answered.

Please be aware of the 32 team limit and sign up as soon as possible. For discussion and/or questions, please go to Evolve PC Beta Tournament

A team for the Beta!
All teams here!
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