Theater mode?


I’ve played evolve pretty much every day since it came out, and I’ve always thought it was missing something. A theater mode where you can replay the last match with a free camera. I’m not sure if this is possible but I wanted to bring it up because it could open up many possibilities of cinematic videos and screenshots. The design of the monsters and hunters are AMAZING, and I would love to get an up close look at them.

Theatre mode to watch previous games..?
Theatre mode to watch previous games..?

This would be awesome to re-watch clips with.

Guessing you got this from CoD? I had the same idea too :slightly_smiling:


I got the idea from CoD and Halo xD


Evolve is the best intense game out there

Theater mode would work the best on this game. The videos /screen shots/montages /share it with others


Incase people don’t know about this:


I’m glad I’m not alone in thinking this xD


Don’t worry. Many people will hate this purely because CoD uses it. Just watch.


Actually, maybe Observer mode could add a free camera? And also be able to re-watch matches with it


Please do this TRS. I need this in my life


It’s been suggested many a time:

But I agree, it would be awesome. I think the two biggest hurdles are video file sizes and consoles not having enough power to render everything in the map at once.


My dreams are shattered


Reminds me of the good old CS (HLTV) and BF2 days.


I’d love there to have been a theatre mode so we can watch/save our favourite matches on Evolve.Id like to watch my team mates in first person view how they dodged etc that you can’t see when your doing your own role.

Not sure this could ever be added now but would be a cool feature to relive past great games and learn tips from team mates.


im all up for this


This would be a great tool for improving your game. What better way to see what went wrong/well than from the other sides view?


I think it’s cool, or at least bring back the Evolve Hunter’s Quest Match Replay function!