Theater Mode

I’ve never used one before but what I know is that it’s a replay system with a free camera that people tend to use for skits and such.

My question for those who use it is: Do you save clips from theater mode itself and export it, or do you just capture it yourself with a capture card or such?

GTAV Rockstar Editor doesn’t count for this question because it’s basically the whole thing. If anyone use BO2 theater mode I’m asking about that kind. (Never played BO2)


Halo 3 allowed you to record clips in game and upload them to But capture cards are much easier to use and more widely available now.

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They just need a theater mode that allows us to watch games in session.

Allow us to spectate a team and give us the option to jump in on a character if it is open.

Something like that leaves it too open for griefing and cheating.

At least with the current setup only friends can join as observers.

How can you cheat?

I said it would allow us to spectate a team, not everyone.

Either the Hunter team or the Monster team.

It would allow the spectator to relay information to one team or the other.

Not if you couldn’t observe the other team.

When you get dropped into a match, you’re already allowed to observe one team or the other.

I’m not talking about Observer position.

notices how everyone ignores what I’m actually saying

Right, you’d spectate one of the teams.

How do you ensure the spectator isn’t relaying information to someone on the other team?

@TheMountainThatRoars I’m not talking about an observer mode that allows you to watch everyone. You select which team you wish to watch before you get into the match. Not able to view the other team…

remains ignored

Not able to join in party members. That would just be the other normal modes.

They can easily implement a non party script.

I see what you’re saying now, I was thinking more like Observer Mode.

I still think cheating could be an issue, but what if you’re spectating a group that never breaks up? Wouldn’t you be stuck or have to back out and search again?

You’d have to back out and search again.

There could also be a theater mode where people can’t join or actually see the GamerTags of the people in the match, but they can be an Observer to everyone. Basically have more than one observer in anonymous matches.

Maybe just give a match ID number in the corner to report any sort of cheating observed or something.

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I’d honestly spend hours just watching people play matches.

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