Theater mode idea


I was thinking of if Evolve chould have theater mode in it so people can make some amazing stuff with it
feel free to say how you wants it.
Did you like the idea or did it sound pointless?


Ooooh you mean like maybe Machinima videos? That sounds like an interesting idea! :smiley:


that was the thing i was thinking on :smiley:


agreed this would be a great add to the game :D!


I like this idea, maybe a replay mode to add on to it so you can watch previous games and see what went right/wrong and why.


This, ten times this!


yup awesome :3


Well you can use Theater mode to replay previous games or make a mahcinima, it depending on how you want to use it :wink:


do you mean like watching the gameplay live or just being with friends looking at old footage.