The Zika Virus


~sigh~ Another one of those viruses. I feel so bad for mothers who went through unrelentless pain and their child’s not born right… It’s horrible. There is no other way of saying it other than, it’s horrible.

I hope nothing like that gets to America, luckily the mosquitos have to cross the pacific to get here in Australia but can still reach here in boats. Thoughts on this? New Ebola?
@SledgePainter cause you’re good with these things.

And Brazil are hosting the olympics in a couple of months…


Does it kill? 'Cause in that case, it’s already less severe than Ebola I believe. That virus was deadly most of the time, and if the Zika Virus only deforms baby’s/makes people ill, then it’s less of a problem

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a problem, but in MY eyes, killing people is a lot more severe than deforming babies.


I’ll PM you my thoughts.


There is already many reports of it in America. I saw last night on the NBC news that it is already in a handful of states.

@LordDerp it hurts babies. When someone gets infected and have a child there head is way way smaller than it should be, so most likely those children will never be normal. I hear some doctors say that kids born like this aren’t even expected to walk.


Zika Baby Ahead. Do not click if screamish.


oh god
how did the virus start


Like an other, we don’t know but the virus mutated into that.


whos the oldest child with it


Oh my. That’s horrible for those parents. Does it harm adults at all or just babies? Hopefully it is felt with soon.


Mainly children. The virus attacks children inside the womb, giving them birth defects.


I know that. But still, something that kills is in my eyes worse than something that deforms.

Again, that doesn’t make it any less severe, but alas


It depends on how you look at things. These children are never going to live a normal life or help society, so the ethical dilemma becomes are they really living? They will always need to be watched and taken care of so it becomes an ugly thing not only for that poor child but the families that have to deal with this. I don’t really think they are comparable diseases to be honest. I think the long term on Zika will be very hard for south America, and for the US it seems. I mean they think Zika is an STD now as well it is a very scary virus.

@AlbinoGoliath Well Zika causes Microcephaly which is just being born with a really small head. Microcephaly has happened before Zika its just right now they fear millions born could be affected by microcephaly soon. but Zika is a very new virus, and the oldest child with it is only a couple months from what I have seen and read.


Zika makes the mothers also go through unrelenting pain aswell. Even though the babies are most affected, mothers have to deal with a pain worse than getting shot, physically and mentally.

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