The Zergling Rush Theory


Had a thought a few moments ago.

I like to operate under the notion that the reason why Monsters act with some level of intelligence, is because they’re actually an invasive species, just like humans are - Their place of origin is far away from Shear, thus why they popped up on Factor (as confirmed by Torvald’s tale of the Ajax, and Maggie’s backstory), but didn’t appear anywhere prior to that.

But the thought that came to mind just now, is that humans are completely, and utterly screwed, without a chance in the universe to survive this war - Which, let’s face it, this is very much a war with an unseen opponent.

It’s pretty clear that while Wraith, Goliath, Kraken, and Behemoth are all intelligent, they are animals set free - Killing everything… Except eachother.

If we look at it biologically, they’re sub-species - If we look at it militaristically, they’re specialized soldiers. The technology that would be required to bio-engineer a specialized soldier like that would be immense, and we don’t even know what’s opening the rifts these guys come through in the first place. But if whoever is deploying these monsters is doing so at all, then they’re doing so without any equipment or guidance. They just set them lose and say ‘Kill.’

And you know what that tells me?

They’re disposable.

They’re zerglings.

The opponent of Humanity has so many of these thinsgs, that they’re willing to just keep throwing more and more and more of them through the hole, biological bullets through a cosmic machine gun, caring not for precision aim, just for the general direction (Factor/Shear).

Humanity is screwed if this is the case. There are only so many humans, and even if every nation and power in the race united, we’d never be able to hold off a race of beings with the capability of making monsters.

We can’t even hold off their pets.

So what happens when the masters come?



I keed. But that would be awesome to see. :smiley:



You realize that the bio-engineeredsoldiers im referring to, are the Monsters, right? They’re toy soldiers without plastic.



Yeah I know, but when I read that part that was the first thing that came into my head. :stuck_out_tongue:



We press it…

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Probably a bit more accurate.



Well then if that’s the case, then GG humanity.



Fixed that for you ^.-





Well we’re all dead then…

Orrion Terrorsaurs CONFIRMED!

Nice theory tho… Uh… I’m scared…



Heheh, you’re lucky I showed up to pull you out of it ^.-

even if I did technically lengthen it that one time :smile:

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It’s okay though, I can’t remember that last time I lost now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!

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Halo/Evolve crossover confirmed



10/10 would buy 10 times



Crossover would actually be an extreme money maker and awesome.
Let’s just wait till we get the queen, or the host. Then we are in trouble.



…can we get some xenomorphs up in dis betch?



Can you say your whole theory again, but while RHYMING, please?



Such a large requirement. ^.^

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idk man. a “rescue” team of 12 shows up late. and holds off the horde in time for the other civilians to get away on the ship. finds 4 ragtag half dead (lol torvald) survivors still stomping monster faces in and they are stuck on the planet looking for a way off while killing these monsters.

a full scale war with soldiers, futuristic vehicular and air warfare, and nukes/missiles. plus any new tech they have discovered. aka reinstating the lazarus project in order to combat the enemy. restarting the biogen soldier as well. when humanity is on the line. there is no rules in war.

I think we would be fine. until we find their leaders/home planet and what they are really made of lol…but these “zerglings” will be dealt with pretty easily.

that is until the conspiracy that cig9 or the other one actually created these bioweapons. . .dot dot dot!



12 well-armed specialists do some SERIOUS work, I highly doubt they’re the only ones, also, the monster’s rarely attack head on into a pre-prepared position, and when they do, (Defend) they take heavy losses.
Beyond that the human race has plenty of really big guns and bombs, things that could easily punch holes in metal ships, the places not as prepared would suffer, maybe be completely destroyed. But the pre-prepared areas wouldn’t have a hard time pointing and shooting.

The ‘masters’ could be a multitude of things, so I can’t give a solid answer on whether or not they could be dealt with.