The Wraith Topic


Hey Evolvers!

As I am sure you know, wraith has been the talk of the town over the past few days. Lots of threads screaming OP, threads screaming balanced, even some screaming UP. Whatever your opinion, we are glad to hear it, but these discussions are starting to really flood the forum and get in the way of other equally interesting discussions.

Here are our four categories of wraith discussion:

- Overpowered

- Balanced

- Underpowered

- Hunter Strategy

- Monster Strategy

From here out, we request you post your wraith balance discussion here. Please be kind and civilized in your discussion. We understand that this is a heated subject, but if things get aggressive, we will remove your posts.

Thanks for your interest!
-The Mod Team

Wraith OP?
Whats the fuss about Wraith
The Wraith threads stop NOW!
Wraith - op?
Why was my post deleted
Does Wraith's decoy do too much damage?
Stop with the Wraith OP threads
Does Wraith's decoy do too much damage?
Does Wraith's decoy do too much damage?
I freaking hate the wraith

But where do we ask people if the Wraith is now sexy or not? :frowning:


Not to sound rude, but I don’t see an “Enjoyment” category. Most of the complaints are not that she is too strong, its that she is very boring to play against. This is emphasized if you play with PUG players. I mean, at least with Kraken and Goliath, you can pressure them into fighting you… Wraith just runs and hides.


I agree, Wraith is ruining the games fun for me… and since 90% of monsters pick wraith i dont know how much longer i want to play this. Its sad because i loved the game in Alpha.


On what system are the people who claim thy play only against wraith?
In evac on xb1 with full hunter team i rarely get wraith
it seems realy curious to me


Couldn’t agree more.


IMO i feel like the wraith is all about skill as I’ve fought against impossible to kill and then some who were killed while in stage 1. Just like any other monster it has more to do with each sides strategy that determines who wins. In my experience the monsters are (for the most part) balanced really well. Not trying to argue just my opinion.


I think wraith is balanced against a good team


It’s overpowered to noobies


She is Balanced, but if you need to please ppl take the damage outta decoy, i dont use it till stage 3 anyways. The game is to new for the hunters to form any kind of educated openion on her being OP. Radically changing her this early in the game will not be a good thing.


There should be a thing where people can choose severs that vs certain monsters. E.g. Gee I want to vs kraken, then you would go the servers that have kraken as the monster or something like that so its not hard for the newbies. The only problem with that will be maybe everyone would want to play a new monster so there isn’t any goliath players or something like that.


I dont think that the wraith is balanced at all since u need pretty specific hunters to fair a good chance against it. but the fights are not the only problem it is that it is so fast when u hunt it. My friend plays alot of wraith and he said that he was hitting a trapper heard the trapper call out “throwing down the arena” he turns around and warps 3 times and warpblasts once and he was out. If u can focus people in a fight u almost cant lose. I’m not saying that wraith is impossible to defeat, but against a smart player it’s not far from the truth.


So the monster should be dumbed down for noobs because the smart players use her the best? Lol wow.


Hey, I have a great idea- nerf Wraith to the point that nobody uses her, then we’ll round up a few elite Monsters, we’ll pick Wraith, demolish all the nooblets, and watch them cry about it being OP again, just to prove that Wraith is balanced. Doesn’t even have to be for long- like three or four days is enough to crush their whimsical arguments.


Lol noobs be like nerf everything


Just like @Beravin said, You seriously need and “Enjoyment” discussion or similiar too.
Overpowered, balanced, underpowered… who cares when hunting her is so crushingly boring that your rather alt-f4 and go do pretty much anything else than hunt a wraith.

PS Wraith is not hard to kill with competent hunters.


Lol that’s it I can’t win back to Candy Crush :yum:


This is part of the trouble. I really enjoy fighting the wraith. Had some absolutely cracking games but the hunting aspect leaves much to be desired.


Noobs think I can only win with Wraith fine. I use Kraken and Goliath and easily stomp teams. It makes no difference :laughing:


Did they recently do something to Wraith?

Was playing a “casual” few matches against bots today with my morning coffee and I felt like the hunters were coming on stonger than before and managed to chip heavily into my health… well… to be honest; I actually lost! As wraith, to bots! :open_mouth:
Yeah, it’s kinda embarrassing - but don’t insult me for being honest :smiley:
Before this I managed to waltz through the rounds like the hunter-bots were nothing.

Though I only slept 4 hours last night and was going at it very half-assed. (Stage 1 trying to toy with em etc.)

Total placebo from my overconfidence and not-even-trying attitude or an update? I felt like the bots were seriously on point!

And hey, I’m not complaining - if they’ve managed to make bots harder and wraith more challenging to play as, I’m all for it.

(And before someone asks; I was playing against bots because I wanted to play as wraith, but the majority of player hunters absolutely hate playing against it)

Oh and yes, I’ll accept “No update, you just sucked” as an answer without getting offended, as it’s plausible :wink: lol