The Wraith threads stop NOW!


Okay yes… the title is contradictory in itself, but you’ll get over it.
Guy and Gals, please stop with the Wraith threads, If you want to talk about OP and gameplay, how much you hate her go here and stop with the continuous line up of Wraith threads. I don’t care if you don’t like her. I don’t care if you delete all of her game files from your computer… just shhhh


But they’ll Keeeeeeeep holding on!


Still won’t stop people from making new topics. They will just keep coming.


That is because all those subthreads are unlisted for some reason. If those were visible then discussion might go into those more.


and after the wraith nerf bat, it will just create be another wave of “nerf x,y,z hunters” complainers or bla “buff wraith” or threat to quite players. ppl won’t willing to adapt new play style, so come here asking dev to help out their incompetence is an easy way out it’s just like a kid crying to their mom after fail to handle general affair on even playground against kids at the same age.

The game does need a patch bad, but “Balance” is the last thing devs need to worry about, gameplay itself is unquestionably great, but so far is still a bug ridden experience due to technical infustructure side of wrong doing, making ppl lose progress, communist style match making system force ppl to started game or force them playing classes they least wanted, plus golaith’s numerous game breaking bugs etc. I really hope turtle rocks will focus on what’s really important. They will always be crybabies in a PVP originated game


Reading through the forum getting from one Wraith topic to the other.

Dunno if the Mods could just move the other Wraith topics to the already pinned one. Perhaps they are doing that all the time?


Its the Internet’s . What do you expect?


Frankly I’m sorely dissapointed at how huge crybabies the people of this community are. Every little thing is worthy of a million tantrum posts and endless whining. The game is not perfect but sure doesn’t deserve it. It could be that gamers are a really whiny immature bunch who can’t stand any little thing that’s an inch away from their ideal/easy way. And the complaints are really petty. According to this forums it seems that in every Evolve player there’s a little 5 year old dictator who can’t take anything other way than his. It’s sad to watch.


Just wait for the Behemoth to come out! Then it’ll be an entirely new flood!