The Wraith, possible changes or additions? It's not another "Wraith is OP" thread


I have a brain fart when I try to think of a cleaver thread title. I’ve lurked on the forums from time to time and I like playing in pubs, sometimes competitively. The alias is what I use to play, it just stuck.

Disclaimer: This is all theoretical and a suggestion. I don’t know how it would affect the dynamic in the current (or next) meta too well and it’s late EST as of posting this. Other people are welcome to put out their thoughts, I actually encourage it.

Now before I get flamed for this or some shit, I’ve racked up well over 500 hours on the game and I love it. That said, I feel the Wraith (which I and many other players main) has shifted away from its original purpose. That purpose being a “stealth assassin.” It WAS made to get in quickly, hit hard, and then get out. It did this originally, and then it got hit with the nerf bat pretty hard. As of the last patch it got a much needed boot to its damage, but it still feels more like a brawler than an assassin.

With that said, I’d LIKE for it to get some of the speed and damage it had back in exchange for reducing the armor by a certain amount. If actual values are needed to visualize this; a 15-20% movement speed and traversal distance boot to the current base and a 10-15% increase in the base damage for all abilities and melee in exchange for halving the armor at stage 2 and stage 3 for instance. Frankly I have no idea how it would change the dynamic at any level of play, it’d need be tested thoroughly. The logic behind the 15-20% speed increase would be okay because I actually managed to get away from a well organized team (val/sunny) with the movement speed buff a few days ago and I felt it was quick enough in between getting stabbed by tranqs and as for the damage boot I ran with the 10% damage perk for a little while and it was very helpful over all for increasing over all damage, though I’d feel a higher value would be good since the exchange is having your sustained fighting ability cut in half at higher stages.

There’s too many variables to determine how these changes would affect the current (or next) meta and as it stands the Wraith could go for a slight buff in the damage department and it’ll be pretty well balanced as-is imo, but it goes against the original concept, which doesn’t sit well with me.

All of this is just what I’ve experienced so far, any ideas from other Wraith mains/experienced hunters on how to change it so it moves back to the original concept?


God I have this debate too many times to count. I can say the labeling is all purely subjective. You and others call her a “brawler” while I still see a burst assassin. Just because she got more armor doesn’t and some burst damage ratios tweaked between abilities most certainly didn’t turn her into a brawler.

She still maintains a hit and run playstyle due to CDs on her abilities but has the potential to now stick onto a hunter longer for those last few melee hits. Seriously think about this in a very logical manner. We see how “tanky” Wraith is now yet we still see many instances of domes on current Wraith digging into her health. How well do you think she will fare with only half that armor?

More damage to offset this you say? What if I told you she has some of the best single target focus potential in the game. Give her such game swinging damage seriously turns me away from Wraith and quite frankly it isn’t needed if she already has phenomenal burst that has a pretty hefty but intuitive skill ceiling.

Point being she retains the aspects of stealth and assassination burst potential but not to the large degree that negatively effected the game earlier in its life time.

I don’t care what the opinions are of anyone on how “garbage” her abilities became.

I can use decoy to succefully reposition. Fact

SN retains its high DPS potential but only slightly lower than what it once was. Burst is still there and the incentive to avoid taking any of its duration like it did before is still there.

She still retains many stealthy aspects and bursts aspects but not exactly in the proportional ratios people want them in so they label Wraith a “brawler” when she isn’t.

Maybe I contradicted a few things or maybe I came off as a hypocrite in some instances here but quite frankly I am tired of her being labeled a “Brawler” when she isn’t.

Seriously there is a reason why play Wraith like Goliath doesn’t work very well. If I could employ the same tactics I most certainly would but quite frankly I can’t because by design the two are completely different and you can’t really say a brawler has different play styles when at the end of the day it’s about getting in someone’s face and staying there for a DPS duel whilst with Wraith it is burst, dodge and mitigate, try again.


I think people are just annoyed that she has to actually be in combat. She doesn’t spend a lot of time lurking. People want a “true” assassin, who uses massive amounts of stealth and subterfuge and only shows their face for seconds before disappearing. Apparently they fail to see what a terrible idea that is. :stuck_out_tongue:


I assure you, youre not alone.

My biggest personal gripe with many “wraith players” i cross is i strongly feel they want wraith to be TOO much hit and TOO much run to be fair within the context of how the engagements ACTUALLY play and how the hunters are mechanically able to respond to such things.

They seem to want her to be this super sneaky invisible hard to find specter that lurks way off in the distance, only to then be capable of warping right up to the hunters unseen, where she can then unload a combo and burst someone down, only to then POOF disappear into unreachable distance before the hunters can even react. “Hit and run!”. Lets be honest, 9 out of 10 people who enjoy THIS mechanic, are the ones using it.

To me, wraith is NOT a “brawler”. Yes her abilities require close quarters to use, but shes not STAYING right there. Shes not just soaking up damage. Shes darting around with mobility. She dashes up, lands some abilities, and then skirts away to avoid things like orbitals/mortars/plasmalances/gasclouds/reduce shotgun efficiency/etc, and then comes back in to deliver another go. To me she IS a hit and run monster. But not the kind of hit and run that is hit and run AWAY, she hits, and then runs to a new position around her targets, and hits again. Shes like a finesse fighter who floats around their opponent, ducking in for a few precise jabs to vital locations, and then dances back around just out of their reach. Hit and run. Not hit and “run away with my tail between my legs ‘fast as fast can be youll never catch me’ because im the gignerbread wraith”.


Alrighty then


And finally someone says what we’ve all known but never said.

She is just a generic brawler.


hit&run causes a lot of frustration (not only by low skilled players), i don’t think it would a good idea reducing her armor/health again and give her movement and decoyspam back.


If anything she’s a shock trooper. Very different from a brawler.


She’s a completely different Monster than what she is supposed to be.


What she was supposed to be wasn’t fun or enjoyable to fight as a hunter, no matter how good they were.


Yeah, and there were other ways to fix it besides basically making a new Monster.


Such as???


Nerf her burstiness but keep the speed. Let’s her keep her hit and run archetype but she actually has to stay a bit longer but can get out fast. Instead they nerfed speed and burstiness.


I don’t see how more sustained fighting makes her less of a brawler, even if she can get out fast.


But she isn’t…

I can still very much employ my same hit and run tactics and arguably I have more attempts at success than pre 5.0 while still saying the overall effectiveness has gone up.


You do realize i will now watch you for any and every typo you ever make on these forums I hope.


The only thing that changed was being able to reposition much easier with decoy due to warping while invis and shorter reveal time. Everything else is largely the same.


Make the SN radius smaller, but buff the damage.


May I ask you to define what a “brawler” actually is to you?


Medium to high sustainability, decent DPS, slow to moderate speed.