The Wraith and his Warp Blast please fix it



Whenever Wraith uses his warp blast he commonly gets stuck in midair and i’ve seen hear of people saying saying it’s Lag that’s just not possible a animation going longer than normal and no one else is lagging AND i was playing with my friend and he was hunter he said i was simply stuck in air if it was the lag it wouldn’t add extra time to the ability that simply makes no sense please fix this i just lost a game to being stuck in mid air above the assault getting shredded by Blitz Markov.


No… trust me. That’s lag.


Why then do i only lag when playing Wraith and never when playing Say Kraken and why did my friend see me in mid air spinning as well?


I don’t know. Go ask your computer.


Yeah that just shows that it would make no sense for it to be lag… how does lag add time to an animation and why do i take damage in real time then?


Besides give me a single reason you think it would be lag.


Because I’ve been here since launch and it’s happened to me do to lag.


I think it is a glitch tho…


No, it’s lag.


So basically you reason to think it’s lag is because it’s happened to you for a while because it’s lag that’s called Circle logic and makes no sense. So any real reason if not the logic and facts make a glitch make way more sense.


Like you do realise it could’ve been a glitch since release right?


Whatever floats your boat, man. I’m not gonna argue with you.


It’s a sincere question is there any proof that it’s lag or is that just what people say because being there since launch isn’t proof like anything at all or should i just always stick to warp blasting on the ground otherwise yeah Goodbye wraith I’ll stick to Elder Kraken i guess it’s death spiral is pretty great anyway. ugh i just really want it to stop losing 2 games to being stuck mid air really sucks i was near death and then got stuck and took 4 bucket missile to the side and poof there goes a good game. I guess I know what to avoid at least because it only really happens either high in the sky or by trees.


Or they’re accidentally spamming the button, causing the Wraith to preemptively detonate.


This is lag. Either caused by server or client. It’s a bug that is caused by lag. This same thing happens with Abduct, Heavy Attacks, and more.

This is lag, if it wasn’t it’s something they would’ve fixed, not left in for almost two years past launch.