The worst part of Evolve's shut down for me atm is


10 meows is always in context.


Don’t you both try to anger me, please.


Everyone,let’s cease the off-topic posts, please. Remember this is not an in-person conversation you do NOT have to reply.


For me its the lingering knowlegde that ill never get to experience the cool things theyd had laid out.

If the game had managed to complete the remaining adaptations laid out and the basic story stuff theyd had in mind?

Im sad ill never get to play that. Im sad it died before it got there. If only it had died after that point.


Fan art is still being posted fairly often though. :open_mouth: :+1: :monster:


I don’t really like fan art all that much. It’s more of a personal thing but i like official things more then people’s own interperatations as the official art is how it is ment to be see/view.Not to say that it is bad.

But at the same time, fan art which is ment to tribute or is done in a thing’s honour is good but only if its of acceptable quality.

TL DR , I dont really count everyday fan art.


How can you standardize art like that? As long as the artist has a deep connection and has a good reason for what they did (and it’s not just a bunch of messy scribbles), anything is fair game. One person’s standard of quality cannot generalize all art.


They are perfectly valid in having their own standards of what they enjoy in art.


But that’s where the phrase “I may not know art, but I know what I like.” comes from.

Like Nia said, their opinion is perfectly valid. :slight_smile: