The worst part of Evolve's shut down for me atm is


Everything related to it is dead. THe reddit is dead. The steam disscussion is dead. and to be honest. This forum is also dead. Like, i visit this forum now and again and nothing happens. I cant find anything to continue a bit off Evolve. It’s at a comeplete stand still and the game is slowly fading away into nothing. I guess it’s my own fault for not comepletely letting go.


I mean what was the last Evolve related post you saw?


Evolve is, unfortunately, on its last legs. Not dead, there are a core community that you can find on Steam (paging @SledgePainter in case you never got invited to the group).

But this forum is in a bit of a hibernation right now because we’re waiting for TRS’s next game(s) to come to get excited about.


i feel the same way, but it’s also irratating that trs isnt(or maby they really cant) saying anything about that game.


They really can’t, marketing is an art, and gamers make developers lives hard if things aren’t tightly controlled. But they’ve got a new community manager in @MissMurder and so I think it’s safe to say that we’re on the road to new and exciting things.


i hope so. And i still have a small hope in me that we might see evolve again.


Hope will only hurt you. Take it as a life lesson, there’s nothing to be gained from hoping and a bunch of good things to be gained from letting go.

I know it’s hard to let go of things you once loved because there’s just something that makes you hold onto it, but that will only drag you down in the long run and will benefit nobody.

I’m sure nobody will hold it against you if you decide to just move on. The game doesn’t care because it’s a bunch of code, the devs are working on new stuff, and the community is focused on other things.

Many of us were deeply affected by the shutdown, I cried when I found out, but you have to take a rational approach and just see the good side. We’re getting a new game with TRS’s signature co-op gameplay, you can still play Evolve with people in here.


Well now here I disagree. If no one ever had hope, this world would be much worst off than without. Letting go, yes. But nothing to be gained from hope? Thats a terrible idea.


I have to agree with you. Having no hope would mean that using it as a major motivator would be gone and therefore there’d be a lot less motivated people in the world. Which means a lot less things would exist.






I really hopt that TRS listens to the public but develops the game with them in mind only. I think the public was so interactive with the team it might of ultimately hurt evolve in the end



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please be quiet


I have the right to speak in this forum, you don’t rule here. And I’m serious, not like you.

Anyway, even if Evolve’s server has shutdown, I still continue to do stuff from it. I have done SFM posters recently, I do a fan-lore, I made pixel arts, I keep watching the forums everyday (even if there’s less and less subjects of my interrest). Does the shutdown of Evolve make me think that Evolve itself is dead? No. Me and the community will still remember it as something part of their life.