The Worst of The Worst In The Evolve Community

##Infinite Idle Players

Something needs to be done about this. I don’t know how they don’t get kicked but I’ve seen idle hunters in multiple games back to back without choosing characters, ever coming out of idle, or anything at all. It’s basically playing with a bot you can’t control and it sucks.

It slows down everything and costs the hunters a lot. These people literally probably leave it idle for hours not caring for those who are suffering because of their poor decisions. I don’t understand why they do it instead of just backing out.


I only experienced this once, but it sure was ridiculously annoying. :frowning:

Uh, this is pretty lighthearted. I would expect the worst to be the people who wave their banner of all the problems this game has, shamelessly. As if they didn’t care. Yet they still play it. And enforce this opinion on others, discouraging them from playing the game.


I’d like if there was a Vote 2 Kick option but I already can tell that’s gonna be abused in a trolling way, kicking active players for no reason. Skirmish should have a 1min timer and will kick anybody that is Idle.

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Sad to say as a monster I think I too have seen this, because I have found a couple hunters totally away from their group just standing there this way. I came upon a lonely assault and downed him instantly. As a monster you look for weaknesses and take advantage of them. But I do try to leave them incapped and not go for a total kill…just because. This basically ruins the chances for the team, having an idle player. Even a bot would be better than an idle. But at least give the team a chance to recover and maybe the guy will wake up from being idle when his team starts yelling.

I thought idle players got kicked from matches?

after like 10 mins or so idle players will be kicked out automatically… but if they are watching the game and moving the mouse every now and then while munching on some popcorns then I don’t know :P…

There are players with IDLE as their name tag as well…

I hate Lazarus Player who didnt use the Lazarus device 2 revive a Downed Teammate
Bots already do it lol

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idling but having the mouse move in some fashion will have you avoid the kick.

This one guy called Turtlecock sucked or something. Run for a whole time as a wraith and after he get his ass handed to him at the aviary reactor, the guy spew a whole bunch of salt about this game sucking, hunter being inbalance and TRS sucking…sigh ppls these days.

I have gone idle to go to the bathroom but I always let the other players know. Maybe a bit longer than a minute if they choose to go idle but kick them after a minute if they started idle.

So trolls instead of feedback. Sounds like a nice trade.

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There’s plenty of possibilities here, one that is most common is falling asleep.

Then they’d get kicked out eventually. I’m talking about people that purposely move their mouse or controller every so often not to get kicked but don’t play.

I guess that only works on monster side since the match ends quicker than the time out.

in the same fashion as the OP’er here, i hate players who in the old hunt lobby and now its possible in the skimish lobby to be idle whenever theyre hunter but then as soon as they get monster they start playing the game. there many a top monster players on the regular leaderboards who had done that too much (eyes the board angrily) but i havent seen them in a while so maybe this new leaderboard made them salty for some reason and they gave it up. either way im glad i dont see those players as much any more

I’ve seen players to have a hunter preference but for some reason still never play.

Nope. Its called taping down the fire button and walking away.

Same thing. As long as they touch a button they don’t need to take over the bot and they won’t get kicked.