The worst, most awful, terrible thing about this game- from a day one fan

…is the fact that after hundreds of hours in Evolve I still can’t decide who I like to play most. Cabot, Val, or Wraith. :wink:

Like, come on. Why did you have to make all these characters so awesome?! I still don’t know whether I’m a Medic, Support, Trapper or Monster main. Why yew do dis TRS? ;-;

But in all seriousness, thanks to TRS for making a game this great that I actually enjoy doing multiple things in it. :slight_smile:


Wow, I saw you made this topic and I was like what? Lol you had me going there for a second.




Same here. I set my preference to none.

I want to set my preference to none but I absolutely detest playing Assault. ;-;

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I’m stuck between Sunny, and Parnell now. Maggie is my favorite hunter, but I can’t decide who is my favorite to play sometimes.

What’s worse than that is not having a trophy room to display all those Monster heads I’ve collected…

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And I like to play Assault. :smile:

That would be nice. ^.^

in before sunny nerf :smirk:

“And here’s a Wraith from the days when they were the Apex predator on Shear. Damn things have been hunted to extinction though and all we have left are the slower runts. Not as much of a challenge except for that one time…”

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Oh yes, I wish I could show off all my Beta-Wraith trophies! :stuck_out_tongue:

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She was already nerfed. If you’re having trouble with her, learn to counter.

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He is a Sunny player. ^.-

And no balance talk here. Or I will banish you to @Nightmare297 and @Trick’s favorite threads.

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:grin: trust me

in before sunny nerf

I also main Parnell, am I being carried by his amazing SS? ^.-

Don’t banish me, I want to be here with you!

Of course. You are the exception, Shinny. ^.-

@MisterPockets Yeah, I can see it happening. :confused:

I think her shield drone is about to be nerfed by like 80% health or something. O.o

Sigh. People who attack the Shield Drone just make me wonder how stupid you can get.