The worst moment


I forget the Hunter Team, but I was Cabot, and the monster was a Goliath. Monster had been able to bring the Power Relay down to 1 hp or whatever, with me stopping him with the Rail Cannon on the otherside of it. He had half a life bar, and about half a bar of armor, and in last 30 seconds. At the last second, he comes back and attacks someone, pausing the timer at 1 second, we fight for a bit, take his armor down to just one tiny bar, and then he goes after the power relay, hits it, and it explodes, even though we were shooting him. Probably the angriest I’ve ever been in the game, cause it was a really good, long game, as everyone had at least 1 strike from fighting him. Anyone else have a worse moment?


That sounds intense! Worth the win or loss.

Nothing like that yet, I did just lose a game after almost killing the monster because our medic who was safely far and away decided to 1v1 a water monster (she had 10% hp left) and than just was eaten and died. 40sec until drop ship and a sure win…


iv done worse. team drops down and i had full hp as wraith. i just decoyed 2 times and finished the generator lol. i felt bad after so i said sorry