The Worst Dare You've Ever Done!

What is thee WORST dare you have ever accepted? List em down below here’s mine:

One of my friends dared me to put 10 tic tacs in my mouth and then he said they were freshmint I accepted because I’ve never tried them before. I put them in my mouth and tasted vanilla instantly (that happens to me with freshmints) My mouth burned for awile but when it came his turn again he told me to drink a full glass of water. I died that day of my mouth being frozen.

I would tell it but it’s even Hard for an 18+ Game Forum…


Sit on a random mans lap, tell him “I love you papi” seductively, and kiss him on the lips. The worst part?

He kissed back.


I has concerns…

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You should.

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I’m still laughing

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I was going to add something but PG-13 restriction. xD

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When playing a drinking game that was popular with my school friends called Ring of Fire, I ended up getting very unlucky. Within the first 6 cards, I had gone through my whole drink and was forced to drink the King-Cup, which contained like… half a pint of beer, 2 glasses of wine, couple of shots of vodka, some coca-cola, sambuca and jack daniels. (Just incase you were wondering what that tastes like. Shit. It tasted like shit. I almost threw up.)

At this point, 1 hour into the night, I was shitfaced. People then thought that the best idea of the rule set card was that anytime anyone took a drink, I had to remove an item of clothing. I then ended up completely naked. I remember nothing else from that night. Apparently, I gave 0 shits about being naked. (To be honest, while I care little about people seeing me, that surprised me seeing as the group that night consisted of mainly girls 0.o)



Um… Okay then.

I had to walk up behind a random bald guy with a napkin, rub his head and whisper “Shine bright like a diamond” into his ear.
That ended painfully.


That’s so mean though. :laughing:

Oh thats nothing, but I can’t share the other ones, cuz I’d be judged harshly (._. )

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I meant to the bald guy…Poor bald guy. D:

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Greatest thing ever heard

I’m glad you guys are keeping this kid friendly btw I don’t want this shutdown to many funny things.

Was never dared something.


Bald guys are being abused every minute. Donate and help them find new owners.

/As for the topic, I can not share my stories…



Two hundred knuckles in knuckle poker.
We had to quit after 180 because a teacher spotted us.

Body shots out of some dudes super fuzzy naval.