The Wildlife of Shear, now the cephaladon hate thread

`In light of @MajorLeeHyper and others talking about wildlife interactions, I thought I’d create a post to centralize stuff about the wildlife. Including, but not limited to:

  • Wildlife Sound Clips
  • Wildlife Interactions
  • Wildlife Idle Animations
    And whatever else you can find. I don’t have anything yet, but I’ll start taking some clips to upload.
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Credit to @MajorLeeHyper


That was so horrifying.

How mean! They’re so cute. ~sniffles~

Jesus Christ…That was…

It is now my mission to murder every cephaldon I see


Don’t know why you guys are horrified. It’s just nature.
-Sees a herd of mammoth birds all shock a Sloth to death-

Woah, that was… Ok didn’t expect that.

So I was reading an Evolve wiki and apparently mammoth birds eat spotters.

Beautiful food chain

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I think a Dev said that it was the crowbill sloth that did that

It doesn’t happen in game but it said mammoth birds use their glowing tentacles to lure spotters out of their burrows to consume them.

Sooo…. Any actual clips :stuck_out_tongue: ?
I for one still love cephaladons and glaciopods equally. They’re both badass as hell.

What are you guys talking about!?

The video. :cry:

is it that bad for mammothbirds to one shot people xD


You can’t view videos on the forums? Can’t help you. O.o

Cephaladons got to eat too.