The wild life aid the hunters?


Why is it that when a monster walks past the birds the birds fly away although when the hunters walk past them they dont fly away is it because they are freindly towards the hunters ?


The monster is a giant evil being that can hurt them.

Hunters are tiny liltle people that can’t hurt them.


The Monster scares the birds… The Hunters don’t


I killed half of the group all the time to show, who’s the boss but they didn’t even gave half a fuck…


They must be like geese. No fucks givin’ to humans (or cars for that matter)


I hate geese so much. They are aggressive little shits. I want a flock of Guard Geese instead of dogs.


Humans are the most destructive force on the planet, probably worse than any monster that could exist…

The monster may want to eat the birds but humans would kill them to wear them as hats!


Ignoring that the monsters somehow set half of the planet on fire in a few days


Actually no, the Hunters can kill the birds XD. I shot at them once as Griffin and killed a few.

Another game I went Hyde and just torched a pile of them. There were no survivors.


Well yea you can kill them but the birds don’t know that! they just see small beings but ofcourse if you shoot one they ‘should’ react xD oh well it’s a game not real life.



Having the monster know where some of the Hunters are gives him/her a large bonus. Hunters have enough to worry about on Shear as it is.


If you kill them all, did you just remove a potential beacon from the map?


I see no issue gameplay wise.

Lorewise, as Rct said, the birds don’t know you’re a threat. Humans are new to the planet and small creatures. I would think opening fire near them should startle them away, but w/e… with all the firebreathing and roaring most of the natural inhabitants of this insane planet do a lil gunfire prolly looks and sounds like sparklers to them…

and they’re birds… birds DGAF about each other. Ever seen ducks in a pond? Brutal mofos. Mean bastards


It’s gameplay anyways…

though I do think hunters should scare birds if they run THROUGH them (or VERY VERY close… closer than monster needs to) or if they shoot very close to them.

This would act as birdsign for the monster o know when hunters misstep :smiley: