The whining on these forums will kill the game


Be4 I start I want to tell you I’ve played more hunter than monster, so dont post MONSTER QQ CONFIRMED bullsh.

I never played Evolve untill it was F2p. I’ve got like 82 hours on record now ( yes that’s a lot since release :stuck_out_tongue: ).
It has come to my attention that the forums are filled with nothing but NURF THIS NURF THAT. People want the game to be like: “My character must beat every other character or else he’s way too OP! What, he beat me because he’s more skilled? NEVER I AM THE MOST SKILLED PLAYER IN THE WORLD If any1 beats me it’s because his character is OVERPOWERED!”

I have the feeling that all this whining is going to destroy the game’s balance even more. People litteraly play 5 games vs monster X and without even knowing how to play against it they will float the forums with OVERPOWERED. If I am winning more games as a hunter than losing in PUBLIC NO COMMUNICATION pubs, I don’t even want to play monster once people team up. It’s also funny that it’s always Hunter players being salty on forums, while the game already favors hunters. Don’t link me fcking Monster leaderboards, because all the ppl who played solo till lvl 20 hopped on SOLO RANKED. Send me the leaderboards once hunters really team up.

I know you want to try to keep the majority of the players happy, since 90% of the community are casuals… This might sound crazy, but maybe change the rules for Ranked? Like Monster gets 20% more HP but hunter speed increased by XX%, or jetpack has more charges but planet tracker CD increased by 10-20 seconds, or Wildlife increased by 40% but dmg dealt decreased by 10%. Just giving examples I dunno…


i think it’s kinda hard to reach a compromise or balance for both camps…

It seems the legacy players hope to recapture the old feel of evolve. But us newbies like the way it is now.

Only way i can think now is to remove the scanner wall hack for high level play, and reduce the scanning duration.


Nothing from this forum will kill the game, don’t worry :slight_smile:


I think it could be the misproportioned player skill base. right now there are only low and high skilled players? there’s no mid skilled players.


I’d say that most legacy players are mid skill tbh



Guys, it’s a forum. People talk about whatever they want, no matter their experience in the matter, and that beautiful. The devs aren’t going to change something just because new people on the forums are whining.


That’s simply not true.
Also there’s 4 Hunters for every Monster, so naturally the standard player is likely to have more experience as Hunter to base his/her judgement on.

You do realize that at merely <100 hours, this includes you right?

Absolutely not. It’s called Ranked because people can play the game they enjoy at a serious level.
If you change variables around in Ranked then it becomes a different game.
That’s like saying “If you get good at playing Mario, you unlock access to this secret Sonic level.”


Idk, dota’s ranked mode with bans, timed picks and timed counter picks looks variable changing to me. no bans or timed counterpicks in casual dota


TRS usually take into considerations these things :

  • actual win/loss ratio
  • more precise numbers, stats, team comp, etc
  • their personnal feedbacks on internal tests
  • skilled players opinion
    - annnnd other people opinion, because even if the game IS balanced, if it doesn’t FEEL balanced to a LOT of people, there is a problem indeed. Maybe. So it’s worth checking of course.

Basically the fun part is important in the game, and if something doesn’t feel good it can’t either feel fun…

Don’t worry…


Bans and timed picks aren’t the same as modifying the core game like giving some character +20% max health.

I’m okay with introcing a minimalistic character ban system to Ranked.


Ya, i didn’t say i agree to modifying hard stats like damage or hp. shouldnt vary too much. tweaking planet scanner down could be a small headstart.


No, that’s still modifying the core game. If a Trapper gets good at utilizing the 60s cooldown of the planet scanner, he should not suddenly find himself with an 80s cooldown in Ranked.

My point being… Ranked means playing the EXACT same game players have gotten good at, but with the addition of tiers and equally skilled opponents.


I’m seeing far too many opinions from people not playing the game on both sides.

I honestly, sincerely think, people like the OP should try and refrain from starting a thread such as this, until they have enough experience with both sides of the equation.

It’s otherwise an ill informed post, not constructive, and more likely whipping up a s&*^storm than anything else.

We really don’t need it.


Me too, I consider myself a mid entry player too. But a lot of people think highly of themselves. :laughing:

edit: It is the same thing going on with Titanfall 2 right now. All these players whining about the game being more casual, when all the real top/high level players people were like “LOL most tayalls are casual mids chill, the changes are awesome”


my thinking was to remove the wall hack, and reduced the duration of the compass pointing where the monster is at. not thinking an increase in the cooldown


I’m coming to the conclusion this guy is using google translate to type on the forum.

Wallhack = Dome


Are you trolling, did you even read the post? I played both sides. Vs good team, bad teams, good monsters bad monsters. 84 hours played since f2p release when some vets only had 400 hours in years. I think I have a slight idea of the game as we speak, you don’t need 50000 hours in-game to get a hold on mechanics.

I play hunter MORE often, and this post is about MONSTERS getting rekt too often. Didn’t you make the SAME kind of post earlier. I’ve actually read it and the post was obviously about HUNTER FAVORED.


So you played lets say 5 hours ( with breaks and waiting times maybe 4 ) and you made a post about your experience, but when I play this game for 84 hours you’re telling me to play both sides and I need more experience? Please…

You’re obviously one of those guys trying to act like a veteran player. But you’re not. Just because I didn’t go into EXACT details of my matches doesn’t mean i’m talking bullsh.

"I’m coming to the conclusion this guy is using google translate to type on the forum.

Wallhack = Dome"

And he’s talking about Planet scanner, not dome. It gives you visual on the monster in a XXmeter range, incase you didn’t know. I think you need more experience before you drop them conclusions :wink:


Someone is a hot little potato.

Nice investigation finding my post, shows some effort. Little education though. I’m a founder player. IN regards to Stage 2 been playing since it dropped.

" reduced the duration of the compass" This was Planet scan. He meant dome when saying wallhack before that.

NOW moving on to your OP:

Now take your time. Look at what you’ve typed there. Don’t rush. Ponder it, digest it, embrace it.

Now reflect. Then ask yourself, what would others conclude reading that?

I’ll end with, it has come to my attention, you’re one of those posters who’s surely winging his way to slapped rist by an admin for being a little bit too …

How to describe

…Of an ass hat maybe?

Perhaps you’ve drunk too much Monster, or had a bad day on Pokemon’ Go. I don’t know…

Just chill your beans there ace.


So playing hunter more means NEVER playing monster? You didn’t repond to ANYTHING I said in my reply, knowing I destroyed you. So you had to fall back on something you already mentioned.

Your logic: You played hunter more than monster, meaning you never played monster, meaning you can’t draw conclusions about monster. 51 huntergames, 49 monster games? Nope, you played hunter more, need more experience.

Please, go away.


…0-0 say again?

Scroll back up. read what i’ve said, again.

Put the can of Monster down. Walk away from the PC.

You’re typing yourself a deeper hole.