The Well - VR RPG [Available now!]





No GearVR? :cry:


Nope! :sad face:


Should be able to pick up an Oculus GO headset for $200 soon and play it. That’s gonna be a great option for people wanting to get into VR.


Ah I hope so, being locked in to needing a Samsung phone is the only reason I haven’t played half the VR stuff you’ve put out :cry:


So I’ve bought myself a copy of The Well but have found myself unable to play it since my weird bluetooth utopia 360 remote doesn’t seem to be compatable with it.
Are there any good compatible bluetooth controllers any of you would recommend?


The primary controller tested with was the Samsung Gear VR Controller, but an xbox controller will work too. Any other controllers are untested/unsupported unfortunately.


Ok. Thank ya.I Cant wait to play the well now that i know what works.


No problem!


So I got my dad to bring his gear vr, but this title says it requires a controller. I assume a 360 controller is not going to work, what is the best advice for what controller to find (dev input would be appreciated), given I’ll probably use it when I look at the oculus go?

Edit: should have read above! Any one with knowledge able to clarify what the deal is with 360 controller? It doesn’t seem to pair. I might just push for the gear controller of that’s going to be the most compatible going forward


Have you tried looking up some troubleshooting tips for the Xbox controller? You can’t be the only one to have an issue connecting a controller!


I did, but I’m not having much luck. Main problem is the short time span of having access to the device though, decided it was a better use to actually go through the face your fears experiences. Stranger things was epic!

Will attempt the controller thing again after some research and meeting family again at Christmas :wink:


played on Oculus GO version. and this is superb good!

is there any chance for translation?
for example, Japanese users love RPG game but they are not good at following story in English.
if there is translation, it will increase chance to play this game.