The Well - VR RPG [Available now!]



She did!!!


I knew it sounded familiar. Chloe is becoming quite the voice actress.




Thrifty (in a sensible sense)!


:heart: Thank you, so glad you like it :smiley:


Game launches tomorrow but a lot of us will be at OC4 so we won’t have a lot of internet access. Please give us a shout if you get to try it out!!!

To celebrate, I thought we might share some concept art from the Well!

Here’s the first one. This is for the starting environment.


Isn’t like 1 am there? I’d tell you to go to bed, but this will compensate :joy:

That honestly looks beautiful. Like a 3D Pop up book but like … 10,000 times more stunning


New wallpaper acquired!


Out of interest, can someone remind me what the deal is with these games and the Oculus Rift? I remember reading that the face your fears stuff had been “ported” so that VR run through a full Rift rather than the Gear VR, though I don’t know if that was my imagination or not!

If I wasn’t dreaming it, is that the intent for this game too down the line?


We have like 7 experiences total for FYF on the Gear VR. The first two experiences are free and were ported to the Rift. I haven’t heard of any plans to port The Well to the Rift.


Thanks, the more you know and all that!


I got a HTC vive, where do I aquire the game?


So is development on FYF finished? Like, no more Rooms will be made?


The Well is only available on the Gear VR.

There are more FYF experiences coming :slight_smile:


does Revive work?


Alright cool, thanks.


She did a pretty dank job.


Chloe is and has always been, the shit. Well done, Chloe!


Justin and Red both posted concept art from The Well on Art Station. Lots of pretty pictures there!
Here’s a link to Red’s work:

and an example piece:

And here is a link to Justin’s work:

and the most beautiful game related art piece I have ever seen!


Oh mama, these are badass. I really wish I could play this.