The Well - VR RPG [Available now!]



The hated Tesh have risen! Corruption and terror spread across the land. Your allies rally to you. Do you heed the call? Will you become the champion that restores peace to our world?

Embark on your journey:

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We’re proud to announce The Well, a fantastical Gear VR RPG available October 11, 2017!

The Well is a classically designed RPG built distinctively for VR with a beautifully stylized, storybook art style and dark, dreamlike atmosphere. Explore the world, collect secrets, recruit allies, and fight strange, challenging enemies for rewards.

Watch the trailer here ►►





Im totally.stoked! Keep being awesome TRS!!!


Too bad I don’t have any VR equipment. This looks pretty stinkin awesome.


The game’s art style reminds me of Okami, and the characters have some sort of resemblance with the gods from The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. Like GLaDOSauR said, too bad most of us don’t have a VR headset because it looks great.


This art looks so good!

I was wondering if this was the Dark Fantasy everyone is wanting. But I saw no PWI symbol so still in the dark for that :joy:

I can’t believe you guys came out with 3 games in the past year, insane!

Very well done




The art!


Ooohhhh! It’s so awesome!! I can’t wait to see this in action. I hope to play it once I can get my VR to work.


I like the Gif, I’m saving this

Shaners ninja’d you! :open_mouth:


Just as much as that Profile Picture :point_right: :point_right:



This sounds great! I just got a new Samsung Galaxy S8 phone as well, which means I’m only missing a Gear VR headset to play this.

I mean, this looks amazing for a Gear VR only game. Hope it won’t make my phone run too hot :stuck_out_tongue:


You can find some relatively cheap Gear VRs on Amazon. That’s where I got mine!

P.S. Make sure you have a controller to play The Well too! The main controller we worked with was the Samsung Gear VR controller, but the Xbox controller works too!


Thanks, cutie. :two_hearts:


I’m really like the aesthetic of this one. Very colourful, but also very focused. Your eye is drawn to all the really cool stuff that stands out.

I’m also liking the development style in that article. I was actually reading a piece from last year from TRS Steve about big publishers like EA and flagpole games - make a couple of big blockbusters to rake in the money, and then fund a bunch of smaller, cheaper games that are more experimental. Seems like TRS is adopting this mentality with smaller VR projects and then a big AAA style game in the works as well.

Makes me excited too, wonder what VR style games there will be in the coming years (both from TRS and other devs). If only I had VR… :frowning:

As a side note, is the Steve from the article @ArPharazon?



Glad you like the aesthetics as much as I do @The_Little_Jay! I still can’t believe The Well team accomplished all that on a phone :star_struck:


We have quite a few Steves in the office. The one in the article is @Goldie


Ah, I knew he was on here!


Wait @mizx, did you just say The Well was for phone VR? Flippin’ hell I thought that the footage was taken from a PC.

@snowkissed whew. I can go back to visualising ArPharazon as this:

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