The week of February 10, 2015


I cannot help but feel like Stage 2 is repeating the very first week of Evolve’s official launch.

You’ve got jerk off monster players waiting for the dropship and destroying new players. These new players become jaded. It gives them the impression that monster is OP, just off the fact that they just need to learn the game. Because with an experienced team, dropship wins don’t happen without luck.

Which leads me into how extremely noob friendly stage 2 is. Guaranteed domes and health regen hunters, without the health regen perk, to name a few. The skill gap is being closed, which for me. Kind of takes the fun out of the game when anybody has put in a few hours of game time can withstand a monster match with me, someone who has put in nearly 1000 hours collectively between multiple platforms.

The new UI is fantastic, the perk progression is awesome. I love the look of stage 2. I absolutely hate the noob friendly gameplay though.

I cannot be the only one who thinks this either.

BTW, if you are one of those stage 1 monsters. STOP! You’re going to get the monster nerfed even more when the new players complain!


The players just need more time. It takes a lot more to play hunters than monster, because of teamwork and synergy.

I always have 1 stage 1 fight to make it fair. It’s the people who are pushing stage 1 wins that need to take a reality check and stop taking advantage of the new players.


I do agree that this is how it went down the first around and it is like that now. I prefer monster and am having too much of an easy time beating teams but I remember how much harder it got later on.