The Website devoted to Evolve which you didn't know


Greetings, fellow Hunters, Monsters and Turtle Rock Studios!

I am one of the founders of the website EvolveGame.Ru. Until now we have been hiding in the shadows like Goliath, feeding and exploring the planet Shear. Finally, we evolved and want… not to hunt or rival, but will be friends and support the developers!

Our site represents the Russian community of Evolve - sort of community inside communnity. is a creation of two people, mine and my friend (!). However, we NOT like to called our site as a fan site, cause we approach our project professionally. And you can make sure for yourself! We have been interested in the production of Turtle Rock since Left 4 Dead, like a most of community. We was buy domen and posted first news on the January 23, 2014, after first announcement of Evolve. Few months ago we celebrated our first anniversary.

By the end of 2014, hype around Evolve had significantly increased, as had the number of registered users on our site. We already could boast close to 1000 users, almost completed web design and regularly updated newsfeed. We post news about Evolve EVERY DAY, we try to find all sorts info - Guides, Reviews, Interviews, Leaked info, Easter Eggs, LiveStreams, fan-made art & wallpapers, games like Evolve with asymmetrical multiplayer style and many others.

We try to find most interesting articles on the Internet, and try to translate and adapt them for the Russian community. Besides posts and guides from the official Evolve developer blog, there are also review of Evolve by IGN, review of Evolve Art Book (original)… and some articles like “5 Reasons Why Evolve is the Game You NEED in 2015” (original), “Face off: Has Evolve taken pre-order bonuses and DLC too far?” (original), “10 Reasons You’re Wrong About Evolve” (original) and have to plans translate more articles in future.

In addition to that, there are many issue-specific posts like Evolve Mythbusting, interesting facts about Daisy, video about creating the first Evolve trailer, Evolve Special Editions Unboxing, Evolve Soundtrack by Jason Graves, Evolve Skins Video Showcases, More info about Behemoth, Technical problems and solutions, Evolve FAQ and so on. Hundreds of them!

Through this times, the design of our website has been repeatedly updated. Just compare how we looked in the beginning and how we do now. There are even few alternative website design options (more styles for active users). The site also features a chat interface (to the right), opinion polls (below the chat), Forum discussions, various avatars and emoticons (we chose dragonbros as they match the overall style of Evolve). Also we have groups in Vkontakte (the Russian analogue for Facebook), Twitter and Steam.

As of now, there are almost 5000 users on our website! Our community is a friendly one, without trolls and obscene language. If you want to stay tuned to Evolve news and features, you can register on our site - we have installed interface for English speakers. We would like to publish news in English language, but we can’t cause we need more people for that; so far, there are only two staff members (I do news, my friend does design, and sometimes random translators do translations). While we work on it, you can add our site to your browser bookmarks and either use Google Translate or click on references to original sources (which we never omit).

We help to distribute not only knowledge about Evolve but also the game itself through cooperation with a local online store (like GameStop or Amazon). We shall continue to write about Evolve until its last DLC and patch… or perhaps , who knows, Evolve 2. We start our first Contest on few days ago, and moreover, we plan for the future to organise contests and tournaments with interesting prizes (one of them will be held here on

We consider our site one of the largest Evolve communities, on par with,, and, of course, We would like to get your feedback guys and receive response from Chris Ashton and Phil Robb, and all Turtle Rock Studios. Can we officially call ourselves Russian Evolve community?


This looks pretty bad-ass! You guys really outdid yourselves!

Can’t wait for the full English version.


Очен классно! Вы молодцы! Я так люблю всё это! :blush:


vodka vodka?

Putin Kappa


to Vexille - Thank you. Well. we not promise that, cause us only 2 make this site(
to PeirsPryce - Spasiba :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
to Optik_rec0rds - Old joke. Not funny.


Awesome! It looks beautiful!


Looks amazing! nice job I guess I have to learn some russian lol


Really good looking site. I wish I could read Russian so I could use it though :cry:


Thanks Phil! How your beard?

Guys! Anyone wana Behemoth Contest with Monster Expansion Pack prizes?


Good, good… Markov will be pleased.


I hope there’s going to be an english version of this site. It looks so cool!


Another easter-egg most people miss: Left for Dead and Evolve’s covers are effectively the same.


A mangled zombie hand = Big footprint
so much the same, must be an Easter Egg >_>


Can you show this please?


Just look up the boxart


Удивительно! У нас есть Русский форум в Steam -



DamJess Thanks!

I was make new article about new tier consept arts: