The way dying works needs to be tweaked


I think the getting incapped 3 times before being insta killed is fine, but it and the reduced health really need to be reset after a dropship. Either that, or it remains as is and the dropship timer gets reduced significantly. It’s a bit ridiculous to wait 2 min, only to arrive on scene and get 1 shot and taken out of the fight again completely.

Edit: It doesn’t need to be exactly that, just some change. Something that lets you survive more than one hit every 2 min.


But that would also punish good Monsters who get strikes on Hunters at earlier stages. They would spend all that armor and health getting strikes only for them to be negated


That’s the consequence, if you could just die and not worry it’s not very competitive.


This is a core game design element that was chosen for a very specific reason. The game relies on permanent damage to stay balanced throughout the game. There would be absolutely 0 reason for the monster to fight before stage 3 if all that happened when he killed us is we disappear for 2 minutes. Also, how would you fix lazarus? His entire design is to break this core gameplay challenge. And how do you change the monster? Do you give him back all of his health after evolve? Which makes all the hunters progress up to that point useless?


Getting strikes on hunters early would still keep their strikes unless they get taken out though. Or maybe a better solution would be that your strikes are removed but you can’t get incapped. Either way, dropping in, getting hit by one attack and immediately dying/being taken out of the game is a bit much. I mean, the monster can at least run and recharge their shield.


Lazarus would also quickly become irrelevant/not needed ever since that is the only real benefit of having him on your team


Well, not really. I mean there is still a 2 min timer waiting for a dropship, and I’m not suggesting that the strikes get removed completely.


Yup, and it would feed even more into the “Run until stage 3” style that people around here hate so much.

The equivalent would be if staging up restored all a monster’s health. Pretty sure hunters would find that brutally unfair.


But you originally said they should be reset upon being sent to the dropship


Not really. The monster has noting as unforgiving as a 2 min respawn that respawns you with 50% hp and no downed state. Especially considering that any of the monsters can take 50% hp off you in a single hit. I just feel like the reward for a player(s) surviving at less than a full team should be a bit more than just getting OHKO on respawn.


Yes, but not that they would be removed before then. Laz reviving you when incapped prevents a strike. Laz still also would have the option to revive you much earlier than the dropship timer. He’s still greatly beneficial in his regard.


Excepting that the monster has no second chance at all? Once dead, it’s over.

I might be willing to concede that the health penalty is too high, but to remove them would make there be no point to fighting until stage 3, which again will feed into an unhealthy game pattern.


no. this means if a monster gets 1 incap and the plane comes he’ll have achieved nothing at all.

dropship timer isnt static in custom games, if you want to make the game unbalanced to hunters be my guest.

the way dying works does need to be tweaked. you should permanently lose a bar of health regardless of how you are revived. it’s stupid that medics can just medgun dead people to achieve this, or laz just straight up brings people back from death with no debuff.

this is totally unfair for the monster, who has to find a specific monster that doesnt always spawn to heal up. as far as i’m concerned choosing laz is like an “i win” button for hunters, and it’s why i’ll always pick wraith when i see laz the previous game (decoy is a hard counter)

if the match is a war of attrition then the hunters should always be given a strike by being killed or downed. otherwise i have NO REASON to leave stage 3 and attack at stage 2. why would i EVER attack at stage 2 when these hunters no longer get incap points against them? thats the whole point of fighting early.

so also the only way in your game for the monster to win is to kill everyone within 2 seconds of eachother.


As I already said, I’m not dead set on my original suggestion, just some form of change. Yeah, when the monster dies it dies, but it can also regen its shield. if it takes three people out and the support lives long enough for a new dropship, you have 4 people, 3 who can and will die in one hit, and a monster who now has a full shield.


Ok, well as I said after it doesn’t have to be that exactly, just some change.

Also, I think you’re greatly overestimating Lazarus.


that’s the wrong change, sorry. if anything laz needs to give incap debuffs just like everything else, and he especially needs a way for goliath and kraken to actually stop him. throwing a rock or lightning strike means the guy is revived with full health from a dead body. that’s like the definition of unfair.

why the hell is there even a BF4 revive in this game?

laz also encourages bad play, so would dropship wiping your strike. laz team just attacks like crazy not caring about staying healed, then never getting weakened by downs.

laz also encourages shit teamwork (usually a support would help revive with the medic maybe. but laz ONLY revives people when they’re fully dead so he can get his bonus. so what you establish a was to revive people and then say, “you know what, actually nevermind i like terrible shock paddles too”

lazarus really pisses me off. even though he’s the worst medic.

if dropship changed to this i’d quit the game


But there would be no downside if say the monster camps the body to prevent this so you could just run Val or Caira and have better healing


laz is not possible to correctly counter unless you have decoy and eat the body.

this is because

A) his OP no-strike insta-full heal is instant

B) laz gets invisibility so he can’t be seen at all without spamming smell.

C) you get shot when eating body as kraken or goliath

D) eating the body takes time

together this means that laz can:

Cloak behind you, walk casually underneath your feet as you get shot while trying to eat the body, get attacked, knocked back and still revive the incapped player with full health because his ability is instant.


Yes. It can regen it’s armor in the same way that the hunters can regen their health after 2 mins in a dropship. Granted, it’s less health but it’s the same as the monster who has much less armor than health. Both the armor system and the strikes system are there to support the ability to make forward progress and make a risk/reward for fighting before stage 3.

As has been said before, the hunters getting a health reset is exactly the same as the monster getting a health reset. If you don’t like it, play custom maps with the medpod map effect on. They clear strikes :stuck_out_tongue: It’s a MASSIVE advantage.


exactly. laz is asking for kraken/goliath to evolve to stage 3 because of this “cheaty” mechanic. i never liked it. i litterally thought the game was broken the first time i saw laz.