The Warframe Thread


Yeah, I do to in that department. Really behind on that.
Good on warframes and weapons though, although I want more cause why not.


Hydroid Prime Access in 5 days.

Will include Hydroid Prime - obviously - Nami Skyla Prime, and Ballistica Prime.

Not one I could recommend buying, but one I’ll definitely be looking into farming quickly. Am interested in what stat buffs they give Ballistica, being that the OG is trash and Rakta is pretty powerful. Doubtful the Nami Skyla will surpass most of the current melee weapons.

I recommend waiting to get any of these with plat, since I know how real it is to be impatient. Probably a couple weeks for people to build surplus and farm relics.

It’s also important to note that Trinity Prime, Dual Kamas Prime, and Kavasa Prime Collar are going away on the same day - the 29th. Relics for these items will not go away, but will leave the drop tables and become unavailable for farming.


ouo Waiting is lame. Buy the prime access!!


I recommend you do not, but it’s your (mom’s) money :shrug:

It’s my personal opinion that it won’t be worth the amount of money you’d pay for it.


Right, so just started playing the game, and I have to say, I like it a lot. Any tips for beginners? Currently running Volt with the MK1-Paris (which I almost always use), the Lato (which I never use) and the MK1-Bo (which I use when the bow has no ammo anymore, or if within melee distance). Probably looking to go further with the bow as a primary


I somehow missed this notification. I will compile a list in the morning because I am at least 30% dead right now.

Many apologies for not seeing this and helping earlier.

Welcome to the game, though.


You go and sleep. I will do the same in a moment :joy:

Was thinking of heading for Ivara, though banshee looks alright too.


Don’t buy any warframes yet! Save yer plat!


Not planning on buying anything just yet. Probably gonna go and craft one as much as possible, but with plat if that’s the only way to get something


Can’t log into Warframe after that hotfix. ~.~


All I can say is to keep trying.

Might be another hotfix later if it’s a problem for a lot of people. But I imagine it’s a connection issue for you.


How am I supposed to buy Hydroid Prime


On the main website. There should be a Prime Access tab.

Not on PS4 myself, so I don’t know if it is also an option in the Market or not, but there is one on PC that takes you directly to the page.

But I need to put in the obligatory “I don’t recommend buying it” even though it’s useless at this point :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s working now, I see Hydroid Prime access. Ayyy. Going to get him this Friday. Probably Ember Prime, Nyx Prime and Ash Prime.


Don’t buy Ember prime. She is far too expensive and not worth it, as much as I like Ember. Wait until the next unvaulting, she should come back out then.

And you should make the normal version of Nyx before you buy her Prime. To see if you like her, same with Hydroid. Ash is a pain to build and his prime is relatively cheap, but he’s pretty awful.


Nah. I’m buying them all.


Ok, let me phrase it this way.

When a frame comes out of the vault it comes with prime accessories that are normally unobtainable. So if you wait to buy it, you don’t end up with a useless duplicate and wasted money. Plus you get the prime accessories.

Also, why do you feel do compelled to buy them ALL? Surely you don’t use that many.


I actually do, but lately I’ve been only using Mesa.


Genji in 3rd person is a Warframe


o.o How often does that happen?!