The Warframe Thread



Do you think snipers are good in general?


Mostly no. Not really. Certainly not before you’ve got better mods.



What about bows? Are they good?


A lot of them are, yeah.


Oh. One last question. Is boar good for a starter primary. It is a shotgun and i like shotguns and hek is locked behind MR4


Like all starters, yeah. Mostly, the beginner weapons are all similarly powerful. Hek is really the first step up you’ll find from those.




Hey is Karak a good gun? It’s available for me to build so yeah, just wanna know if it is worth it.


God my life is so full of bullshit. Microsoft family is such a load of horseshit.

It just allows control freaks like my mom to not let me play anything and it is absolutely ridiculous.

Now i cant play warframe or anything cuz of that fucking dog crap that Microsoft created.


What’s happened?

I’m assuming your parents turned on that stupid family filter so you can’t play violent games?


Yep. The shit just got real. I’m really annoyed and don’t really wanna talk about that crap. Literally every game I wanna play besides destiny (evolve, warframe, path of exile) is rated M so RIP. :stuck_out_tongue:


Man… I’m really sorry. That sucks. Hopefully you can get it sorted out soon. :frowning:


This is just what happens on a daily basis.

Maybe if I show my mom how you can decorate warframes then she will think it is an art related game…:thinking:

It’s really fine though. I spent a lot of time away from destiny 2 and this will give me some time to catch up I Iliterally don’t have any exotics so I can catch up with that today.

I’ll still keep you added for evolve. Maybe I can get her to unban evolve or something.


Evolve on Xbox? I don’t have that anymore. :frowning:


If you downloaded it before, then you can redownload it for free. Fun fact about xbox.


For real? Look at me downloading games I already have on PC. :laughing:


Lol. It’s true. No need to purchase evolve again for redownload.


Only issue is that I’d have to purchase Gold to play with you, so.


I can’t play warframe remember? Lol


Welp, went off the deep end with Warframe again since I was running home to grab a Nitain Extract before the alert expires.