The Warframe Thread


Cool. I have never heard of any of those things, but can’t wait to try it out.

Are there crossbows in this game?


Yeah, the Attica and the Zhuge.

Also Warframe is done! :smiley:



Ok, so when are you available to play?


Right now :slight_smile:

Just gotta do tutorial…


Oh, I can’t play now. It’s like 10:30 PM right now.

Would 7:00 PM EST tomorrow work for you?

I might need to change that because I have to eat dinner and stuff and I don’t know when I can do that.


I’ll check hang on.

EDIT: 7pm for you is like 9am (the next day) for me, which is when I’m at school. So that ain’t gonna work. We might have to wait till the weekend again since the times are so different.


Aw…well that is a shame.

curse you time zones!

I can try to get on earlier.

What time does school start for you and also why the hell are you not getting a day off? Does your school not observe Rosh Hashanah?

What time do you generally get home from school? I’m thinking maybe I can play on Monday morning since I have no school that day and that’ll be during the evening for you.


So I drive to school at around 7:20am, which is around 5pm for you.

I get home for school at around 4:00pm, which is 2am in your time. (so that isn’t gonna fly)

However! I can stay up pretty late (around to 10:00pm). 8:00pm to 10:00pm is 6-8am in your time, which I know is pretty early…

But on weekends or days off I usually get up very early … around 4:00am and 5:00am. That is 2 - 3 pm in your time. So the best time is obviously weekends. But we can still try the 8 - 10 gig.


6-8 AM might not be a problem. However, I’ll have to get my mom to give me screen time from my Xbox (stupid Microsoft family shit I don’t wanna talk about). If things don’t go well, we can only do the next weekend route.


That’s all good. It’ll give me time to rank up and do random stuff anyways.

You’re so lucky you get Monday off, but I guess our school got two days off (Monday and Friday) last week, so I can’t complain.


I actually don’t think we should do 6-8 AM. I don’t think that would be very beneficial for either of us, especially you. I think we should just wait until next weekend.

Also, I’m kinda feeling lucky too. We have gotten 2 long weekends in a row and next week is yom kippur so that is another break.


What is cold+electricity damage equal to again?


I need salvage for my boltor god fucking god please just boost me to mars warframe.


You need to progress through the game before you need more and more weapons.


…I only want boltor for the aesthetics. It looks like it could work nicely with some proper coloring.

Also do ya think a vectis code from 4 months ago would still work right now?


Doesn’t hurt to try it. But if you already used it, then no.

Also, don’t worry about fashion yet. You don’t have the options the actually vary appearance.


Is vectis a good gun though?


It’s a sniper. So it it’s rather slow compared to most stuff.


is it hard to find the parts to build it?

I just said i have a code nvm.


I have no idea. You can look at the wiki, though.